My Hoverboard Won’t Connect to Bluetooth? Find Solutions Here

Connecting your hoverboard to your phone via Bluetooth allows you to play music on your hoverboard’s built-in speakers and access other features. The steps to follow to establish a connection can vary from one model to another, but you can typically pair a hoverboard by turning this device on and looking for nearby Bluetooth devices with your phone.

If you’re having a hard time establishing a Bluetooth connection and are wondering why my hoverboard won’t connect to Bluetooth, there are a few solutions you can explore.

Smart Balance Wheel Bluetooth Not Working

The Smart Balance Wheel comes with an app you can use to check your hoverboard’s battery status, see a list of locations you’ve visited with your hoverboard, and check your current speed.

How To Reset Your Smart Balance Wheel

Resetting your hoverboard can solve connectivity problems. You’ll find a power button on the front of the hoverboard that you can use to turn the device off.

Next, press the power button until you see the main LED on top of the board turn red and flicker. You should then turn the hoverboard off and on again.

Smart Balance Wheel Hoverboard Bluetooth Troubleshooting

These troubleshooting steps should help if you’re still unable to connect your Smart Balance Wheel to Bluetooth:

  • Check that you have the latest version of the Hoverboard Bluetooth app.
  • Let your hoverboard charge until you have a full battery.
  • Place your phone closer to the hoverboard and try pairing it again.
  • Remove some of the Bluetooth devices stored on your phone if you have too many.

Hover 1 Bluetooth Not Working

Hover 1 offers a lineup of hoverboards with built-in Bluetooth speakers. Here’s how to connect Bluetooth to a hoverboard if you own one of these devices.

How To Connect Hover 1 to App

The Hover 1 app allows you to register your hoverboard, run diagnostics on your hoverboard, set up an auto-shutdown time, and more. Follow these steps to connect your hoverboard to the app:

  • Install the Hover 1 app on your phone. Note that Hover 1 has two apps, the Hover 1 Hoverboard app and the Hover 1 E-Mobility app. Choose the app compatible with your device.
  • Turn your hoverboard on with the power button. Once your Hoverboard is on, it will automatically go into pairing mode.
  • Make sure you have enabled Bluetooth on your phone. You can access this functionality by opening your Settings and looking for an option called Bluetooth or Connectivity.
  • Open the Hover 1 app and tap on Connect. The app will scan for nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • You will see a list of detected devices found by the app. Select your hoverboard to pair it. If the app asks you to enter a PIN, the default Pin is 000000.
  • The app will show your hoverboard’s status as Connected once you successfully pair it with your phone.

Pairing Your Hover 1 Bluetooth Speakers

Pairing your Hover 1 speakers with your phone or computer allows you to play music with your hoverboard’s built-in speakers.

Pairing your hoverboard speakers is easy:

  • Turn the hoverboard on.
  • If you haven’t paired the speakers yet, the hoverboard will announce that it’s waiting for a connection.
  • Check that you have enabled Bluetooth on your phone or computer.
  • Scan for nearby devices from your phone or computer’s Bluetooth menu.
  • Look for a device called HY-H1 Speaker. If you need a PIN to pair it, enter 000000.
  • If you’re running into problems with pairing your Hover 1 speakers, these troubleshooting steps should help:
  • Turn your Hover 1 off and on again. Restart your phone or computer.
  • Remove the Hover 1 from the list of Bluetooth devices saved on your phone or computer before pairing it again.
  • Charge your Hover 1 and try again once you have a full battery.

Hoverboard Bluetooth Not Pairing

While some issues and features are unique to some hoverboard makes and models, there are troubleshooting tips that apply regardless of the brand of your hoverboard.

How Do You Reset the Bluetooth on a Hoverboard?

Removing the hoverboard from the list of saved Bluetooth devices on your phone or computer should help. You can then perform a factory reset on your hoverboard, typically by holding the power button down for a few seconds.

How Do You Bluetooth Your Phone to Your Hoverboard?

You can follow these steps with most models:

  • Turn your hoverboard on. Most models will automatically go into pairing mode, but some hoverboards might require that you press a button.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone and scan for nearby devices.
  • Wait for your phone to find the hoverboard. Select it and your phone will establish a Bluetooth connection with the hoverboard.
  • You might need to download the official app from the hoverboard’s manufacturer to access additional features.

Common Hoverboard Bluetooth Troubleshooting Steps

You can follow these steps to fix most connectivity issues with your hoverboard:

  • Charge the hoverboard’s battery.
  • Place the hoverboard closer to your phone.
  • Disable and enable Bluetooth again on your phone.
  • Make sure there are no obstacles between your phone and your hoverboard.
  • Perform a factory reset on the hoverboard and try again.
  • Update your phone with the latest version of the software and firmware released by the manufacturer.
  • Remove saved Bluetooth devices if you have more than six saved on your phone.
  • Try again away from other Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices that could create interferences.

Hoverstar Hoverboard Bluetooth Pairing

If you have a hoverboard from the brand Hoverstar, pairing your hoverboard via Bluetooth allows you to play music on the built-in speakers.

How To Pair Your Hoverstar Hoverboard

You can pair your Hoverstar hoverboard with these simple steps:

  • Turn the hoverboard on. You’ll hear a sound that indicates the device is ready for pairing.
  • Open your phone’s Bluetooth settings and scan for nearby devices.
  • Select your hoverboard from this list. You will hear a sound from the hoverboard once you’ve established a Bluetooth connection with your phone.

Troubleshooting Your Hoverstar Hoverboard

If you can’t connect to Bluetooth, check your hoverboard for signs of damage. A broken Bluetooth receiver means you won’t be able to pair your device.

You can also try recalibrating your hoverboard. Turn the device off and press the power button for five seconds to reset the device.

How To Connect Bluetooth to Jetson Hoverboard

You can pair your Jetson hoverboard via the Ride Jetson app or a traditional Bluetooth connection.

How To Pair Your Hoverboard With the Ride Jetson App

The Ride Jetson app has a convenient feature designed to establish a Bluetooth connection with your hoverboard:

  • Download the Ride Jetson app, install it, and open it.
  • Look for the Bluetooth symbol in the top left corner of the app’s main screen.
  • Tap on this symbol and look for your hoverboard in the list of detected devices.
  • If the app prompts you for a password, enter 000000.

How To Pair Your Jetson Hoverboard Via Bluetooth

If you can’t get your hoverboard to work with the app or have a Jetson model that isn’t compatible with your app, you can pair your hoverboard via your phone’s Bluetooth settings:

  • Turn your hoverboard on.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone.
  • Scan for nearby devices and look for your hoverboard.

How To Connect GoTrax Hoverboard Bluetooth

GoTrax hoverboards come with built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can play your favorite tunes while riding.

Connecting Your GoTrax Hoverboard to Bluetooth

Your GoTrax hoverboard will automatically enter pairing mode when you turn it on. Once your hoverboard is on, open your phone’s Bluetooth menu and scan for nearby devices to find your hoverboard.

You might have to unpair your GoTrax hoverboard if you’re running into connectivity issues. The best way to do it is to remove the hoverboard from the list of saved Bluetooth devices on your phone and calibrate the hoverboard by pressing the power button for ten seconds.

Testing Your GoTrax Hoverboard

If you’re running into issues with your Bluetooth connection, there are a few tests you can do to pinpoint the origin of the problem:

  • Check your hoverboard’s battery level. A low battery can affect connectivity.
  • Try pairing your hoverboard with a different device.
  • Try pairing a different Bluetooth device to your phone to determine if the issue comes from the hoverboard or the phone.
  • Try playing audio from different sources to make sure there are no issues with the app or audio file you’re trying to stream from your hoverboard’s speakers.


Read on to learn more about hoverboards and connectivity issues.

How do I reset Bluetooth on a hoverboard?

Resetting or re-calibrating your hoverboard can fix a wide range of issues. You can reset most models by pressing the power button for a few seconds.

What is the average Bluetooth range for a hoverboard?

Most Bluetooth devices have a maximum range of 30 feet. If you’re having issues with your Bluetooth connection, try again after placing your hoverboard closer to your phone.

Do all hoverboards have Bluetooth?

Not all hoverboards come with a Bluetooth feature. Models with built-in speakers have Bluetooth, and some hoverboards have a Bluetooth connectivity feature to let you control some hoverboard settings from your phone.