Unable to Verify Updates Not Connected to the Internet? Find Solutions Here

unable to verify update not connected to internet

If your iOS is unable to verify updates while not connected to the internet, or you are unable to verify updates in iOS 15, this guide may have the solution for you! Unfortunately, this update requires a network connection to install, which can cause issues for many people. 

If you’re struggling with an error installing iOS 14.3, this guide can help you. So, what do I do if my iPhone won’t verify the update? You can find the answers here!

If you are unable to verify the update because you are not connected to the internet, this guide can help you get the newest update. 

How to Fix an IOS Update Not Connected to an Internet Issue?

If you are confident that your iOS updating issues are not related to your internet, there are a few things you should try. 

Internet and WiFi can be very complex, even if you think you have a clear understanding of it. Before giving up on your phone or watch when you are unable to verify the update, try the following solutions:

1. Try Another Network

When you are unable to verify an update and IOS failed verification because you are no longer connected to the internet, try another network. 

Go to a coffee shop or a friend’s house and test the update using a different network. If your phone is saying unable to verify the update because it’s not connected to the internet, you may have internet troubles. 

Reset Network Settings

2. Reset Network Settings

If you are not confident that your network connection is there, reset your network settings. To do this, unplug your router and wait a few minutes. 

Then, plug it back in and wait for it to restart. Then, try verifying the update again. You should call your internet provider if it still says unable to verify because of no internet connection, you should contact your internet provider. 

3. Remove Previous iOS Update/Profile

When you are unable to verify update is no longer connected to the internet iOS 15, it can help to delete previous updates. Go into your phone’s settings and remove any previous updates, like iOS 14 or 13. 

This trick can also work if your software update fails for iOS 14, so delete iOS 13 and any other updates. Once you delete previous updates, you can try to download the newest update again once connected to the internet. 

4. Check iOS System Status

There’s always a chance that your device and internet are not the problems. Sometimes the iOS system lags, especially during major updates. 

You can check the iOS system status at any time. If it says the system is down or currently under construction, you likely need to wait to update your device. If the iOS system says it is up and running fine, you should turn to the other solutions on this list. 

Force Restart iPhone

5. Force Restart iPhone

A classic solution to iPhone and software problems is to restart your iPhone or another device. 

When you are unable to verify the updated iPhone 7 or unable to verify the updated Apple Watch, try holding down your power button until the phone shuts off. Then, wait a few minutes, start the phone or device, and try the update again. 

6. Force Quit the Settings and Try Again

This solution may seem overly simple, but closing out of the settings app and then reopening it can help you verify the update. For example, if you are unable to verify update iOS 15 or unable to verify update iOS 14, try closing and restarting the settings app. 

Closing all of your apps can also help the update takes, giving your device more power to focus on installing and verifying the update. 

7. Delete the Update File and Try Again

Sometimes, a glitch occurs during the download of the new software. If the phone dies or someone turns it off in the middle of the update, this can cause it to download but not verify.

 To fix this, delete the current software download and do it again. To do this, go into your settings and delete the most recent update you installed. 

Update the iOS via iTunes/Finder

8. Update the iOS via Itunes/Finder

If your iPhone is unable to verify an update not connected to the internet, you can try to verify the update in your iTunes folder. 

Open your Finder and go to the device summary page on your phone. On this page, you can check if the iPhone has been updated by looking at the Update iPhone status.

iPhone Unable to Verify Update Not Connected to the Internet

This section discusses a few reasons different updates won’t work, but internet malfunctions are the most common. 

Unable to Verify Update Apple Watch

If you can’t update your Apple Watch, you can try the solutions above. Other options include deleting all of your apps or unpairing your device and then repairing it with the watch. 

Unable to Verify Update iOS 10

The iOS 10 update is old, over five years. So it will not download or function on newer phones, but even older iPhones can reject this software. 

Unable to verify update ios 10

Unable to Verify Update iOS 14

If you cannot verify the iOS 14 update on your device, it may be too old, or there may not be enough storage for the update. 

Unable to Verify Update iOS 15

If you cannot verify your iOS 15 software, your device may be too old to work with this software. You can search the Apple website to see what iOS software will work with particular devices and models. 

Why Does My Phone Say I Am Not Connected to the Internet?

There are a few reasons your phone may say it’s not connected to the internet. The most common and obvious issue is that your device can find a strong enough internet connection. 

Even if you believe your internet connection is strong and active, it may be having trouble delivering WiFi to your device. When your phone says this, the first thing to do is to reset your network settings and try to connect again. 

Why does my phone say I am not connected to the internet

Why Does My iPhone Keep Failing to Update?

Your iPhone can fail to update its software for several reasons. If you tried all of the solutions above and your phone still will not update, it may be because there is not enough space on your phone or something in your settings is false. Once you attempt the solutions listed above, you can try doing the following and then redownloading the newest update:

  • Free up iPhone storage by deleting photos, music, documents, and anything else using significant space. 
  • Ensure your date, time, and location in your phone or device settings are correct. Sometimes updates are only rolled out in specific time zones. Incorrect date on your phone could prevent the software from downloading. 
  • Reset all settings on your phone back to factory reset. This solution is extreme, and you should only do it if you absolutely have to. 


Hopefully, this guide helps you to download and verify a new update so your device can work flawlessly! Of course, you can install software without WiFi, but it’s easier to update your device when connected to a network. 


Why is iOS 15/14 not verifying?

If iOS 14 and 15v won’t verify, your device may be too old, or you may not have enough storage for the new download. 

Why won’t my Apple watch verify the update?

There are many reasons your Apple watch won’t verify, such as full storage, running apps, or low battery.

How do I force my iPhone to update without Wi-Fi?

To do this, you must disconnect from your VPN and use cellular data to download the new software.