Aposen Cordless Vacuum Troubleshooting Guide

aposen cordless vacuum troubleshooting

Cleaning your home can be daunting, especially when your cordless vacuum cleaner starts acting up. Luckily, there are easy ways to troubleshoot these problems.                                                                                                       

This guide can help give you answers related to Aposen cordless vacuum troubleshooting. So you don’t have to spend hours searching the web or asking for professional assistance.

Aposen Cordless Vacuum Troubleshooting

Here are a few Aposen cordless vacuum troubleshooting tips to follow:

1. Loss of Suction

Even after vacuuming the same spot repeatedly, dirt and dust remain. Consequently, your vacuum is losing suction power. This is due to clogs in the system.

To resolve this issue, try the following solutions: 

  • Empty the dust bag/box: Ensure the vacuum bag isn’t full and empty the inside. If you have a vacuum without a bag, check the seals on the debris container for cracks or damage. Replace them if necessary. 
  • Clean the dust cup filter: It is necessary to empty the dust cup. To do so, press down on the release button and separate the dust cup container from the main device. Next, remove the dust cup filter and empty the container of dust. Then attach the dust cup container to the main unit. Replace the dust cup filter every three months to ensure peak performance. 
  • Check the hose: Ensure your vacuum cleaner’s hose is not clogged. Take it out of the vacuum, straighten it out, and use a flashlight to see if any light comes through the hose. Inspect the intake valve for dirt buildup or damage. Be careful not to damage or tear your hose. 
  • Clean the brush roll: If the brush roll isn’t spinning properly, it might be overloaded with dirt and hair. First, remove the roller brush cover plate from the brush. Then, use a cleaning brush to clean the roller brush after removing and cutting off the hair stuck on it. 
  • Height setting may be wrong: There may be a problem with the height setting of your vacuum. It won’t be able to vacuum well if it is too high for the floor you’re trying to vacuum. Having a hardwood floor, for example, will not be appropriate for a deep carpet setting. Instead, use the bare floor setting with a tiled or wooden floor and adjust as necessary. 
Loss of Suction

2. There’s a Burning Smell, or the Beater Bar Isn’t Moving

It is common for vacuum cleaners to smell musty. However, be cautious if you smell a burning odor while using the vacuum. 

There’s a possibility that your vacuum cleaner’s motor is defective and generating intense heat. As a result of the heat, the dust burns and produces an unpleasant odor. In addition, most vacuum cleaners have plastic bodies that emit unpleasant odors when burned. 

If the beater bar does not move, the belt is most likely broken and needs to be replaced. In this case, you don’t need to consult a professional. Depending on your vacuum type, you can easily buy a replacement belt from most hardware stores for $3-$20. 

3. The Vacuum Shuts Off

Check the battery connection on your Aposen cordless vacuum if it shuts off while operating. There is a possibility that it is loose or incorrectly installed. As a result, the vacuum keeps shutting off because it cannot be powered properly. Most vacuums also have a common feature. This feature automatically shuts down the motor if it gets too hot to prevent the vacuum from burning. 

In addition, the sensor can be triggered if the hose is clogged or the wrong surface setting is selected. For example, the machine will shut off if you set the vacuum to a wood floor setting but try to vacuum a deep carpet. Again, changing the device settings and/or cleaning the clogs will solve your problem. 

 The Vacuum Shuts Off

4. The vacuum shuts off and won’t turn back on

Your vacuum probably won’t turn on because of a faulty switch. First, make sure the on/off switch is working properly. 

It is also possible that the motor is overheating. It is most likely that the motor is getting too hot if the vacuum turns on but does not stay on. In that case, unplug the vacuum, wait a little while and check for obstruction/blockage. Motor replacement is necessary if it still dies out. 

In addition, make sure all the filters are clean and nothing is blocking the vacuum.

5. The Vacuum Won’t Turn On at All

When you try to vacuum, the vacuum cleaner won’t turn on! So try the following tips:

  • First, check if the device is plugged in properly. Sometimes, faulty outlets don’t deliver power, or the switch isn’t turned on. 
  • Inspect the cord to see if it’s damaged or faulty. Take it out for repair if it’s damaged. 
  • Maybe the device is getting power, but the motor isn’t running. In that case, you’ll have to replace the motor itself. 
  • It’s probably best to seek professional assistance if the motor is getting power and spinning freely, but the vacuum still doesn’t work. 
The Vacuum Won't Turn On at All

6. The Motor Is Overheating

The primary reason for overheating is the vacuum clogged with dirt and debris. Leaving the dust in the vacuum can cause it to build up into a blockage that leads to overheating. 

To avoid this, you should get a vacuum with a sealed or bagged system that collects all the dirt. You can also find models with fans that automatically activate when the motor gets too hot.

7. The Vacuum Suction Motor Doesn’t Work

Whenever the suction motor gets clogged, it overheats and shuts off randomly. As a result, hair gets sucked up by the motor and clogs up the system when you have pets/children, or adults with long hair. Regularly cleaning the suction motor will solve this problem.

  • First, make sure the vacuum is turned off and unplugged.
  • Check underneath by turning it over.
  • Unclog the suction motor.
  • Ensure that no part of the device is damaged. 
The Vacuum Suction Motor Doesn't Work

8. Vacuum Hose Needs Replacing

Dust, dirt, and debris clog the vacuum hose, causing the motor to overheat and stop working. 

  • To see if the hose has built-up materials, unplug it first.
  • There are two places where the hose is connected. There is one near the suction area underneath the vacuum and another near the dust bag.
  • If there are any clogs, unplug them from both ends and look closely. And clean it.
  • Replace the hose if there is a tear or damage. 

9. The Motor Air Filter Is Clogged

The air filter is located near the motor and is responsible for capturing dust and dirt. Clogging occurs when dirt, dust, and gunk get into the motor. To keep dirt out of the motor, Aposen uses a HEPA filter. 

You can clean the filter by taking it out and giving it a good wash. Let it air dry after cleaning it, and don’t use a washing machine. If you need to replace your vacuum cleaner’s filter, make sure it is compatible before you purchase it. Otherwise, the filter won’t fit the device and won’t work. 

The Motor Air Filter Is Clogged

10. The Electrical Socket Is Damaged

It’s not uncommon to accidentally pull the electrical cord while vacuuming. Unfortunately, this can damage your vacuum’s electric socket. In cases where the electrical socket is damaged, exposed wires can cause an electric shock. 

Don’t take electrical issues lightly; they aren’t something to be taken lightly. Send it to a repair shop whenever the electrical cord needs to be replaced. Don’t try to fix it yourself if you don’t have the experience, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

11. Using The Vacuum for Too Long

Perhaps you’re wondering why your cordless vacuum doesn’t work even though it should. Are you using it for too long without a break? 

Running a vacuum for too long can cause the motor to overheat and shut off. To prevent motors from overheating, they are allowed to run for a short period. You may encounter this issue if you have a big house with carpeting. 

To cool the vacuum down, you must turn it off between cleaning rooms. Start cleaning a new room after a five-minute break from the previous one. When you use it considerately, you’ll be able to use it for more extended periods without any problems. 


The most common problems with vacuum cleaners are low suction, overheating, burning smells, clogging the filters, and not turning on. Similar issues also affect owners of Aposen vacuum cleaners. 

Fortunately, you can resolve these problems with Aposen cordless vacuum troubleshooting. However, you can always contact the company for assistance if you can’t resolve your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my vacuum randomly stop working?

The most common reason vacuums don’t work is that they don’t have enough power. First, ensure the vacuum is plugged into a power outlet and gets the power to run. Overheating can also cause your vacuum to stop working randomly. After unplugging the vacuum, wait a bit, then turn it back on. 

How do you empty an Aposen vacuum

If Aposen vacuums can be cleaned and emptied. The first step is removing the dust cup container by pressing the release button. Next, remove the container from the main unit. Finally, empty the dust cup of all dust and dirt.  

Is Aposen a good vacuum?

Aposen vacuum cleaners are known for their excellent and effective quality. A perfect example of this is the Aposen H120. In addition to being convenient, Aposen offers a budget-friendly price. 

Can cordless vacuum batteries be replaced? 

Yes, cordless vacuum batteries can be replaced. However, while replacing the batteries, make sure they’re compatible with the model of your vacuum cleaner. 

Why is my vacuum not charging?

Try plugging your vacuum cleaner into another outlet. Check that the charging cable is fully inserted into the charging port if it isn’t charging. Check for a faulty connection if the charging dock or adapter doesn’t light up. There is also a possibility that the battery is dead. 

How do you troubleshoot a vacuum cleaner?

You don’t necessarily need to replace your vacuum if it suddenly stops working. The first step in troubleshooting a vacuum cleaner is to identify the cause. 
The Aposen manual contains three troubleshooting issues and solutions.
1. If the suction is weak, empty the duct cup, clean the HEPA filter, and ensure it’s installed correctly.
2. When a roller brush stops or makes unusual noises, check the brush for hair and clean it.
3. If the battery isn’t holding a charge, ensure the charger and base are correctly connected.