Cannot Hear On iPhone 6? Find Solutions Here

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You are attempting to make a call on your iPhone, but you cannot hear the person you are phoning. Nothing you do seems to break the utter silence.

If you cannot hear on iPhone 6, read on to find solutions to your problem.

Why Can’t People Hear Me on My iPhone?

One of your iPhone’s microphones is possibly faulty if you’re trying to call your contacts, but they can’t hear you, or Siri can’t process your commands. You may also have problems when you try to listen to previously recorded audio or switch the audio source while on a call.

Your iPhone has three microphones. The microphone at the top lets you hear the person phoning you, the bottom one lets the person you’re calling hear you, and the one below the rear camera enables you to record video.

Before testing, you should ensure that none of the three microphones has dirt and that you’re not connecting your iPhone to a wired or wireless headset.

How To Fix the iPhone 6 Can’t Hear Caller Issue?

Here are simple ways to fix cannot hear caller issues on iPhone 6.

Head Phone Jack Issue

1. Headphone Jack Issue

Your iPhone has no sound because it has the Headphone Mode set. Click on the volume controls and pay close attention to the volume slider to determine whether or not the device is set correctly.

If “Headphones” pops up just above the volume slider, your device incorrectly assumes that you are still using headphones even though you’re not. If there is dirt in your headphone jack, you can try tweezers or blowing compressed air into the jack to get rid of it.

After cleaning, connect your headphones to your iPhone and unplug them. It’s essential to do that many times and see whether the iPhone begins making sounds or is still silent.

2. Bluetooth Interference

At times, Bluetooth speakers can be the source of the no-sound issue. For example, even though you have the iPhone up to your ear, the sound comes from a Bluetooth speaker connected to your device.

To solve this problem, you must first disconnect the Bluetooth device. You also have the option to completely disable Bluetooth by going to Settings or Control Center.

3. Clean the Speakers

Debris contributes to lousy call quality. It can get stuck in your device’s earpiece, speakers, microphone, and even the earphone jack or lightning connector. To resolve this, clean the earpiece grill, microphone openings, and other areas with a dry, soft cloth or a tiny, soft brush.

Does your iPhone have a waterproof case or screen guard covering the speakers, microphone, or top earpiece? When that’s the case, get rid of them. When calling someone, ensure that your fingers do not cover the microphone.

A Loose Connection

4. A Loose Connection

If you’re having trouble hearing incoming calls, the first thing you should check is your cellular service. It’s possible that you won’t be able to listen to the person calling if your coverage is poor.

Check your iPhone’s coverage by looking at the top right corner of the screen. Ensure that your iPhone has at least one bar of signal strength. In most cases, the call service quality will be high if you have many bars.

5. Speaker Mode

You are likely unable to hear incoming calls on your iPhone since the volume is set too low or is completely off. You can remedy this issue by pressing and holding the volume button during a call.

6. Airplane Mode

Airplane mode disables all networks and functions. You’ll need to disable Airplane Mode so your iPhone can receive calls.

Broken Ear Speaker

7. Broken Ear Speaker

You will have trouble with the iPhone not producing sound if your device’s ear speaker is faulty. However, you may test the iPhone’s sound settings by repeatedly toggling the Ringer and Alerts slider for a few seconds.

If the volume is low or the speaker icon on the Ringer and Alerts button is dimmed, your iPhone’s ear speaker needs repair. You can take your iPhone to any Apple store or third-party repair shop that works on Apple products.

8. Reset To Factory Settings

The poor call quality may result from some settings adjustments you’ve made. First, consider resetting your network’s configuration. That will also clear any saved Wi-Fi passwords and your cellular settings, VPN, and APN configurations.

Go to Settings and click General and Network Settings. Next, you must enter your iPhone’s passcode and tap the Reset Network Settings button to confirm your decision. Your iPhone will power off, perform a reset, and then automatically turn itself on.

9. Update Your iPhone

When new iOS upgrades are made available, you should update your iPhone. These upgrades may include intriguing new features in addition to bug fixes. Go to your device’s settings, click General, and then Software Update. If an iOS update is available, select it and click Download and Install.

Contact Apple Support

10. Contact Apple Support

If you can still not hear incoming calls on your iPhone, it is necessary to get in touch with Apple support. Your iPhone may have a hardware problem. If you want to visit the Apple Store in person, you should call ahead and set up an appointment. If you don’t, you might have to wait for hours to get any assistance.

iPhone Can’t Hear Caller Unless On Speaker

If you cannot hear someone you’re on a call with unless you put them on speaker, it could be because your device is in silent mode. There is also the possibility that your device needs cleaning. Other causes of can’t hear phone calls unless on speaker include a lack of signal strength or your iPhone needs service.

iPhone Sound Not Working Without Headphones

If your iPhone becomes stuck in Headphone Mode, you won’t be able to use its built-in speakers. Most of the time, debris or dust in the headphone socket is to blame for an iPhone getting stuck in Headphone Mode.

iPhone sound not working without headphones

Cannot Hear Videos On iPhone 6

There are several potential explanations for the absence of sound when playing videos on iPhone 6. The typical explanation is that your iPhone’s microphone is clogged with debris or other small particles. Your microphone should function after removing all the particles.

Another possible cause is that your iPhone’s case is blocking the microphone. It would be best if you take off the case first, then try to play your video again.

The problem may also result from a software glitch. You can resolve the issue by performing a soft reset on your device. Hold power and home buttons for at least 10 seconds or until the iPhone shuts down and restarts.

Cannot Hear On iPhone 6 Even On Speaker

If your iPhone has a silent switch, you’ll need to move the button forward toward the device’s display. The Do Not Disturb feature mutes a lot of sounds and notifications. You should turn it off if your iPhone doesn’t have any sound. Launch the Settings app, navigate the Do Not Disturb menu option, and then move the toggle switch to the off position.

Cannot hear on iPhone 6 even on speaker

iPhone 6 Cannot Hear Calls On Bluetooth Headphones

Use the methods below if your iPhone 6 can’t hear calls on Bluetooth headphones.

  • Inspect your iPhone’s headphone port for obstructions.
  • Inspect your headphones’ connector, cable, and earbuds for wear or damage.
  • Check the meshes inside each earpiece for any debris. Then, scrub all ports using a dry, tiny, soft-bristled brush to get rid of dust and dirt.
  • Reinsert the headphones plug firmly. To get a stable connection, take off any cases your device may have.

Cannot Hear Ringtone On iPhone 6

It’s possible that you forgot to check whether or not the silent switch is set to silence the ringer. If the orange light is on, the device is in vibrate mode. You should be fine after flipping the switch to the ring position.

Cannot Hear Text Alarm On iPhone 6

Verify that the Messages app has permission to display alerts on the Lock Screen and in the Notification Center. Check that the person isn’t on mute either. If you mute someone or a group on iPhone 6, you won’t receive notifications about new texts from the person or group.

Cannot Hear Voicemail On iPhone 6

You can solve the issue by switching to another language. Navigate to Settings and click Language & Region. Choose the iPhone language option and change it from what was previously set. The iPhone will restart and automatically switch to the new language.

After restarting your iPhone, it will restore normal volume levels.

Cannot hear voicemail on iPhone 6

Why Can’t I Hear the Other Person On My iPhone 6?

Because of a faulty ear speaker, you can’t hear the other person on your iPhone 6. That happens when you have a Bluetooth connection. Also, it’s common when your speakers have debris or your iPhone needs an update.

Final Thoughts

If you have an iPhone, you probably feel pretty good about yourself. Nevertheless, each device has its issues, which can be a major inconvenience if you can’t hear the other person while on a call.

By applying the appropriate solution, the precise problem should become apparent. We hope our guide on resolving the cannot hear on iPhone 6 issue was helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can only hear the phone on speaker iPhone?

If you only hear the person you’re calling on speaker, you may be on silent mode.

How do I fix the audio on my iPhone?

Remove debris from your device’s receivers and speakers and check the sound settings.

How do I get my sound back on my phone?

Open Settings and navigate to Sounds. Click the ringer several times but make sure to do it slowly.

How do you clean the iPhone ear speakers?

Scrub the speakers using a soft-bristled toothbrush.