Top reasons why your HP laptop charging light may be blinking white

hp laptop charging light blinking white

HP is one of the most popular brands of laptops worldwide, but they’re far from perfect. Many users report having issues with their HP laptop charging light blinking white. When this happens, it can feel overwhelming to diagnose the issue.

If you’ve been dealing with the problem yourself, we’re here to help. Read on for a quick diagnosis of what the light signals, how you can fix the problem, and learn what blinking chagrin light may mean!

Why Is My Chromebook Battery Light Blinking White?

To diagnose the problem quickly, a blinking white light means that your Chromebook is still in shipping mode. This mode is for shipping a laptop to help keep it powered down.

Not having power helps ensure your laptop doesn’t turn on and overheat during shipping. It also is safer to transport when it isn’t fully charged, as it helps keep the battery inactive.

However, some software glitches can cause your computer to fail to realize it’s time to end the mode. If you’re dealing with such an issue, the fix is thankfully simple!

How Do I Fix HP Charging Light Blinking White

How Do I Fix HP Charging Light Blinking White?

If your Chromebook is locked in shipping mode, there are several ways to fix this. However, some issues can lead to these fixes not working.

If you’ve tried everything and can’t get your laptop out of shipping mode, there’s likely something wrong. Consider contacting customer support for HP or returning the laptop to the place of purchase.


Consider the following troubleshooting options to diagnose if your laptop is in shipping mode. If you find that the computer is in shipping mode, the following solutions can help to remedy the situation.

1. Perform a Visual Inspection

The first thing you should do when troubleshooting a device is perform a visual inspection. Doing so can help you see if there’s physical damage causing the problem.

For example, if your laptop was damaged during transportation, it could cause your Chromebook to fail to exit shipping mode. Such damage can lead to multiple other issues. If nothing else, receiving a damaged product can make it easier to seek a refund or replacement.

2. Verify Power to the Computer

Shipping mode drains your computer’s battery to ensure that it won’t turn on while shipping. Because of this, a lack of power will cause it to stay in shipping mode.

Verify that power is correctly flowing to the computer. If your charger is working and the laptop still won’t exit shipping mode, you likely have a more serious issue than a dead battery.

3. Verify Battery Charging Status

You can test if your cord works by switching it to a different Chromebook, but how can you test your battery? It’s common for a cord to work correctly, but the battery to still not hold a charge.

Test this by swapping out the battery. If you have another Chromebook around, you can put the battery into that device and see if it works. Otherwise, swamp the battery for a new one and see if it charges.

Verify Battery Charging Status

4. Perform a Hard Reset

Performing a hard reset is another way to fix most issues with a Chromebook. To do so, hold down the refresh and power buttons. After about three seconds, the computer should hard reset.

With luck, this should cause the computer to restart. Should it fail, move on to more solutions! A hard reset fixes many software-related issues but is far from a guaranteed fix.

5. Remove the Battery

Replacing the battery, as mentioned above, can help fix multiple issues. Swapping out hardware can reset some minor software issues, and you’re likely to set it if the hardware was the problem.

However, simply removing the battery can cause an easy fix. Removing power completely will help the laptop to fully shutdown. Then, when you put the battery back in, it functions like a hard reset.

HP Laptop Charging Light Blinking White 3 Times

If the charging light blinks white only three times and then stops, there’s a high chance that the issue is with the adapter. It could be that the power isn’t flowing correctly or that the outlet or cord is faulty.

Attempt a different charging cord if you have one available. You should also try various outlets to see if that fixes the issue. If not, there could be something wrong with your charging port or internal components.

HP Laptop Charging Light Blinking White 3 Times

HP Laptop Charging Light Blinks 4 Times

The power light blinking four times before shutting off often indicates an issue with the battery. Consider replacing the battery entirely or seeing if there’s visible damage to the components of your computer. With such issues, it’s often better to take the computer to a professional to diagnose what’s causing the problem.

HP Laptop Charging Light Blinking White 5 Times

The power light blinking five times can sometimes signal an issue with the software. If you can get your laptop to turn on, try uninstalling and re-downloading your battery drivers.

If not, a factory reset may help to put things back in working order. However, this is not the only thing that the blinking light can signal. You may have more troubleshooting to see precisely what the problem is.

HP Laptop Charging Light Blinking White 5 Times

HP Laptop Charging Light Blinking White 8 Times

If your light flashes eight times, shut the computer down. Putting it into sleep mode isn’t enough, as this can leave some processes in the background. Instead, terminate operations completely and let the laptop rest.

From there, plug it in and leave it for about an hour to see if anything changes. Some malfunctions can lead to the light only going off if the battery is full – this can keep your Chromebook in working order while you seek a more permanent solution.

HP Laptop Charging Light Blinking White 9 Times

You might sometimes find the charging light blinking nine times before going quiet again. Should that happen, the fix is easier than most.

Remove the battery and the AC adapter and hold the power button down. After about 20 seconds, you should have complete power cycled the computer with this method.

Wait about 10 seconds before plugging the adapter back in. Luckily, the battery light issue should be fixed, and your Chromebook should work perfectly fine.

If not, your issue is likely something terminal with the internal components. You should seek repairs and professional diagnostics to ensure that the problem is properly diagnosed and dealt with. Seeking replacement or contacting HP’s customer service is also a good idea at this step.

HP Laptop Charging Light Blinking White 9 Times

HP Laptop Solid White Light

If the light is a solid white, it likely means that your laptop isn’t in shipping mode. Instead, it can often signal an issue with the battery on the hardware level. However, many of the fixes are still the same.

Some third-party chargers may not work properly and overload your battery. If this occurs, it may overload or damage your battery in several ways.

Remove the battery and replace the AC adapter. You may also want to replace the battery as a whole. If you do these steps and the white light remains, the damage is more severe.

Why Does My HP Laptop’s Battery Light Turn White When It’s Not Yet Fully Charged?

White light does not indicate a completely full charge. Instead, it shows that the laptop is at 90% or above charging. That means that reaching this threshold will turn the battery light white.

When this happens, you should still give it a few minutes to finish reaching 100%. Once the light changes color, the laptop has fallen below 90%.

If the light never changes color, it may indicate that the laptop is having difficulty keeping a charge. That can stem from issues with the battery or the battery driver.

Why Does My HP Laptop’s Battery Light Turn White When It’s Not Yet Fully Charged

How Can I Tell If My HP Laptop Is Charging?

When working correctly, the Chromebook’s battery indicator will tell you when your laptop is charging. If the battery is charging correctly, the light will help to indicate that the power is flowing into the laptop.

If the LED indicator turns on and off while connected, it means the device is still charging. Such a pattern indicates that the battery is in a low-charge state. Give it a moment, and the light should fade once the charging is completed.

If the light indicator is not showing that the Chromebook is charging, you may have a more serious issue.


Your HP laptop charging light blinking white is frustrating but easy to diagnose. The error is often related to the battery, helping you to figure out how best to fix the problem quickly.

Performing a hard restart on the computer and ensuring it’s plugged in is the best option. If that fails to work, consider replacing or repairing the battery or laptop.

For more tips on troubleshooting your electronic devices, browse our website for more information!


Why is my HP laptop not charging when plugged in?

There are a few reasons it may not be charging, such as a contact point not fully connected or a bug in your software. 

What do you do if your HP laptop won’t charge?

You can try to reset the contact points by removing the battery (if removable) and restarting the machine. You can also look for updates to your system and battery drivers. 

How to fix a blinking laptop power button?

You can potentially fix the blinking power button by hard resetting the laptop and double-checking that your OS and drivers are up to date. Also, double-check that everything is properly plugged into the various sockets. 

Why does HP laptop charging light blink orange?

Most likely, this may be due to a hardware issue potentially caused by external damage during transportation or daily life. It’s best to have the battery and laptop checked by a verified professional.