LG Air Conditioner Not Turning On? Find Solutions Here

lg air conditioner not turning on

LG manufactures an array of electronics, but their air conditioners are some of the most used worldwide. The LG brand is known for functionality and style as the company continues to push the envelope for what’s obtainable in the electrical appliances industry. 

Even though LG makes some of the best electronics worldwide, their air conditioners often run into issues, such as the LG air conditioner’s buttons not working or the LG air conditioner not turning on with the remote.

“LG air conditioner not turning on” is one of the most asked questions for AC units online. This article will help you learn how to troubleshoot an LG air conditioner’s problem and explain the different ways to maintain the unit to improve its lifespan.

LG Air Conditioner Not Turning On? Causes & Fixes

It’s like a nightmare when you turn on the LG air conditioner, and there’s no response. Your heart sinks to your stomach as you consider the high cost of calling the HVAC technician or even the thought of buying a brand new air conditioner. 

Below are a few ideas for LG inverter air conditioner troubleshooting.

1. Lack of Power

Air conditioners can’t function without electrical power. The air conditioner will not respond if there’s no juice to power it.

2. Check the Plug

Depending on the air conditioner’s location, it takes a little mistake to trip and unplug the connection. Next, ensure the air conditioner is connected to the mains and the power is switched on.

Check the Plug

3. Check the Fuse

Current air conditioners have built-in surge protection in the form of a fuse. If the air conditioner refuses to power on, an electrical surge must likely have damaged the fuse.

Go to the LG air conditioner’s fuse location, open the fuse box cover, and look out for the smell of burnt wiring. If the fuse is burned, it will need to be replaced.

4. Circuit Board Issues

Read the LG air conditioner instructions manual to confirm the circuit board is functioning correctly. Most LG air conditioners have a built-in fuse. If the internal fuse is broken, swap it with a like-for-like model.

5. Frayed Power Cord

The wiring in the cord may be damaged out of heavy usage, or it’s misfiring. If you don’t nip this issue in the bud, it’s likely to cause a fire hazard. Exercise caution by taking the following steps:

  1. Don’t try to increase the power cord length by attaching extra wires to prevent a power spike.
  2. Use a multimeter to inspect the terminal strip voltage to see if the power cord is still functional. Replace the terminal strip if it’s damaged, and don’t attempt to modify, alter or repair it.
Frayed Power Cord

6. Power Connection

A stable electrical power connection is critical. First, ensure the unit’s constant power flow by using a digital multimeter. If the power supply is the culprit, wait five minutes before restarting the AC to avoid tripping the circuits.

7. Check for Overloaded Sockets

LG inverter air conditioner not turning on may be because of an overloaded socket. If that’s the case, ensure the circuit breaker is functional and not tripped. Also, ensure the sockets are receiving the correct load.

Use only one socket for the air conditioning unit. The more appliances plugged into the air conditioner, the likelier the chances of an overload.

8. Electrical Wiring Issues

Electrical wiring problems are another reason the LG air conditioner energy saver is not working correctly. Inspect your home electrical appliances for unusual sounds and flickering lights to solve faulty electrical wiring.

Electrical wiring problems often reveal themselves after an extensive house redesign which may affect the electrical cables. In addition, naked cables and loose cable connections are likely to cause electrical issues.

Electrical Wiring Issues

9. Ground the Appliance Properly

Ensure the air conditioning unit is appropriately mounted. If the air conditioner was improperly mounted, that’s a valid reason for power disruption from the mains or cables.

10. Use an Adapter

It isn’t good advice to use an adapter with an AC because it’s a heavy appliance. Still, you should use a high-quality adapter if you have no choice.

11. Non-Responsive Remote Control

The non-responsive remote controller may seem like a minor issue, but it’s one of the reasons why the LG air conditioner does not turn on. Solve this problem by following these steps:

  1. Inspect the batteries slot to ensure both batteries have juice and are placed correctly.
  2. Replace your batteries regularly to prevent leakage, which can cause significant damage to the remote.
  3. Get closer to the air conditioner’s sensor range to use the remote controller.

LG Air Conditioner Beeps but Doesn’t Turn On

If your LG air conditioner beeps without switching on, the following issues might be the problem.

a. Clogged AC Filter

A clogged air filter is a routine maintenance task for LG air conditioners that are often overlooked. The dirt jams up the air flow, restricting air movement from the AC into the living space.

b. Jammed Evaporator Coils

Dirt and build-up can clog the evaporator coils, affecting airflow. In addition, without proper maintenance, the LG air conditioning unit will not turn on.

c. Clogged Condenser Lines

The condenser lines have excellent spacing, making it possible for a rodent or small bird to get stuck there. Moreover, debris might be a significant reason why the LG air conditioner not turning on is an issue. 

Push air into the condenser lines to free it from build-up. Contact the AC technician if the condenser line is a pain to clean.

LG Air Conditioner Not Turning On With the Remote 

LG Air Conditioner Not Turning On With the Remote 

Sometimes, the LG air conditioner works perfectly fine if you switch it on manually. However, it’s entirely different when you try to switch on the unit with the remote. 

Ensure you replace your batteries regularly. If new batteries don’t solve the issue, replace the remote. 

LG Air Conditioner Compressor Is Not Turning On

Below are some common fixes for an LG air conditioner compressor that’s not turning on:

1. Temperature Control Circuit

The temperature control circuit powers the compressor and fan motor. If this board is faulty, it won’t provide power to the compressor. 

Before replacing this control circuit, ensure the commonly defective components like the compressor, capacitor, and compressor overload are in perfect working order. If you’re sure these parts are working, purchase a new temperature control circuit.

2. Thermostat

The thermostat is the sensor that lets the AC unit know when to provide cold air. If the thermostat is faulty, the compressor won’t receive the instruction to run. Replace the thermostat if you determine it’s defective.

3. Compressor

All air conditioner compressors have a limited life span. Once it reaches its shelf life, the compressor will start to go wrong. Ensure you use the services of a licensed technician to change the compressor.

4. Capacitor

The AC unit uses a capacitor that acts as a catalyst for the motor to run. Once the engine is running at an acceptable speed, the capacitor trips off. Unfortunately, capacitors are heat-sensitive devices. Suppose your LG air conditioner has an outdoor unit on the roof. It can cause the capacitor to overheat. 

Power fluctuations and outages can also damage the capacitor, and you can prevent this by purchasing a surge protector.

Moreover, there’s just so much a capacitor can do as its effectiveness reduces over time. Regular maintenance can help you detect a failing capacitor on time. Once you’re sure your capacitor has failed, contact a licensed HVAC technician to replace the component.

Is Your AC Not Turning On, or Has It Run Its Course

Is Your AC Not Turning On, or Has It Run Its Course?

If you can’t figure out how to repair an LG air conditioner, your AC unit may have reached the end of its lifespan. You know it’s time to say goodbye to your old unit and purchase a new LG air conditioner when you see the signs below:

  • The airflow isn’t as strong as before
  • Your AC unit breaks down frequently
  • You’re paying higher electrical bills
  • The motor is making grinding noises
  • Your LG air conditioner is over ten years old

The signs above are an indication you need a new unit. However, you should still consult a technician to check the air conditioner before opting for a new HVAC unit.

Is It Time To call a Pro?

It’s possible to apply all the fixes above, and your LG air conditioner not turning on persists. In that case, you’ll need to bring out the big guns and call the pros.


LG is a leader in the tech world and continues to introduce to consumers some of the most reliable cooling appliances, including air conditioners. However, the AC unit lifespan often depends on your area’s climate, how frequently you use your unit, and whether you maintain your unit. 

If your LG air conditioner is not turning on after trying the above fixes, you may need to call an expert or get it replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for an AC unit to reset?

You need a minimum of 30 minutes to reset an AC unit.

How to reset the LG air conditioner?

Simply unplug the unit for a few seconds and plug it back on to reset the LG air conditioner.

Could it be low on refrigerant?

LG air conditioners don’t provide cool air from thin air. Instead, these electrical appliances use a refrigerant that resides in the coils.
However, the AC unit can’t use all the cooling fluid, so the likely issue is leakage. The AC coil can crack, which causes the refrigerant to spill. It isn’t much you can do to manage the situation other than to call a technician to check the cause of the leak.