Does The LG Fridge Keep Beeping? Find Solutions Here

lg fridge keeps beeping

Owning a high-tech fridge that helps you out by signaling problems is fantastic. However, you may be left wondering, “Why does my LG fridge keep beeping?” We have a list of 9 possible causes and solutions for you to stop the beeps and make sure your fridge is functioning at optimum performance. It is not because of it’s wifi trouble with connecting.

LG Refrigerator Beeping: Causes and Solution

Below, look at some of the most common causes and solutions to why your LG fridge keeps beeping.

1. Fridge Door is Left Open

A common cause for your LG Refrigerator to beep is that the door is not completely shut. If you miss closing the door all the way, your fridge will beep every 30 seconds. 

If your LG fridge door alarm keeps beeping, open your refrigerator and shut the door snugly. Then, try opening the door gently again. If you can open the door with no effort, then the door is not closing properly. 

If the door is closed all the way, the beeping will stop automatically. 

Fridge Door Not Closing

2. Fridge Door Not Closing

Perhaps you’ve tried closing your LG fridge door, but it won’t close.

There could be something inside blocking the door. 

  • To stop the beeping in this case, clean and organize the interior.
  • Take everything out, including the shelves and bins. Clean them with a damp cloth. Clean around the inside of the doors and inside the cooling compartment.
  • Put everything back together. Check the items in your fridge and the shelves and bins to ensure that nothing is sticking out awkwardly, keeping the door from shutting securely. 

The Door Alarm Beep should stop when the door is securely shut.

3. Too High Internal Temperatures

Have you made sure the door is closed properly? Are you wondering, “Why is my refrigerator beeping with the door closed?” You may have a problem with the internal temperature.

Food will spoil if your refrigerator temperature rises above 59º F. Your LG fridge will beep when the internal temperature is too high. You may see the temperature flashing if your model has a display panel. 

You can stop the temperature alarm from beeping by lowering the fridge and freezer temp. On the control panel, press the “refrigerator” button until you are on the option to adjust the temperature. You can do the same for the freezer.

Remotely adjust your fridge and freezer with the LG ThinQ app.

LG’s default temperature settings are 37º F for the fridge and 0º F for the freezer.  

4. Bad Ventilation

When the air circulates poorly in the cooling compartment, your fridge’s temperature will rise. This cause may be why your LG fridge keeps beeping.

Two factors cause bad ventilation in your refrigerator: poor location and overstuffing. 

The vents may be blocked if walls or other appliances enclose your fridge. This blockage causes bad ventilation.

You may have too many items inside or have them poorly arranged so that they block internal airflow.

You can stop your fridge from beeping due to poor ventilation by relocating it or rearranging the items inside so that air can flow freely around. 

Dirty Condenser Coils

5. Dirty Condenser Coils

Have you tried everything on the list but left asking, “Why is my fridge beeping and saying, high temp?” You may have dirty condenser coils. 

The condenser coils are a major cooling component. It is located on the back of the fridge so it can gather dust and dirt. Too much dirt on the condenser coil can cause it to malfunction and make your refrigerator too warm.

You can maintain the condenser coils by cleaning them about every six months. 

  • Disconnect the fridge from the outlet
  • Pull the fridge away from the wall to access the back panel
  • Open the panel
  • Remove dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner nozzle and hose attachment
  • Replace the back panel
  • Plug the fridge back in and slide it back in place

6. Ice Build-up

The problem could come from your freezer. Now you need to know, “How do I stop my freezer from beeping?” 

Check for ice build-up. This happens when the cold, dry air inside the freezer meets humid air on the outside. One of the best ways to get rid of ice build-up is to defrost your freezer.

  • Remove all food and ice
  • Unplug the fridge 
  • Place towels in front of the unit to catch the melt off
  • Let it sit with the doors open for at least eight hours
  • Dry the unit with towels
  • Plug it back in and wait 24-48 hours before putting food back in. 

To prevent ice build-up in the first place, follow these steps:

  • Keep the door closed as much as possible
  • Freeze items in smaller, airtight packages 
  • Dry items before placing them in the freezer
  • Clean your freezer seal with a soapy washcloth about once a month
  • Don’t place the unit too close to the wall, which blocks airflow

7. Damaged or Loose Door Seal

The door seal is also called the gasket. It is a soft rubber part around the inside of the door that seals the cold air inside and keeps warm air out. Any tears, bends, mold, worn spots, or loose spots could affect the door seal. 

  • Check the model of your LG refrigerator to purchase the correct replacement part
  • Unplug the fridge
  • Remove the door trim
  • Remove the gasket retainer
  • Gently pull on the gasket until you have removed the entire thing
  • Align the new gasket and push it into place
  • Press the gasket retainer spring back into place
  • Replace the door trim
  • Plug the fridge back in
Broken Door Switch Sensor

8. Broken Door Switch Sensor

The door switch sensor tells the fridge whether the door is open or shut. It also turns on the light when you open the door.

Replace your door switch sensor if your fridge is continuously beeping and the interior light is off. The beeping stops only when you open and shut all the doors once.

Check that your unit is still under warranty because this replacement may be covered. 

Here is how to replace it yourself if you have to.

  • Unplug the fridge
  • Remove the hinge screws and hinge covers on top of the unit
  • Remove the display assembly case
  • Unplug the door switch sensor
  • Pull the tap to release the old door switch sensor
  • Snap the new sensor in its spot and plug it in
  • Replace the display assembly case
  • Replace the hinge covers and screws
  • Plug the unit back in

9. Faulty PCB

Have you tried everything here, and you’re still left wondering, “Why is my fridge continuously beeping?” You may have a faulty PCB.

The PCB is the printed circuit board that controls your refrigerator’s temperature and defrost cycles. It is like the motherboard on a computer. 

What can make your PCB go bad?

  • Age
  • A short circuit
  • A power surge
  • A power outage
  • Damage

Replacing the PCB involves the wiring inside the fridge. Unless you are a skilled technician, it’s best to call LG support for this problem. You may also have warranty coverage for the repair. 

Why Is My LG Refrigerator Beeping 3 Times?

Any one of the above scenarios may cause your LG refrigerator to beep. The first thing you should do is check the door to make sure it is closed and sealing properly. 

If your model has a display screen, the error codes can easily show what is causing the problem. There are various codes for different models. Here are a few that may help you address some of the nin problems above.

  • LG Refrigerator Beep Codes
  • Er FS means freezer sensor error
  • Er rS means refrigerator sensor error
  • F dS alerts an issue with the freezer defrost sensor
  • Er CF means a condenser fan error
  • Er CO means a communication error
LG Fridge Keeps Beeping

LG Fridge Keeps Beeping

If you have explored every option on this list and your LG fridge keeps beeping, you should contact LG customer service for assistance. 

LG Fridge Beeping After Power Outage

A power outage may have damaged the PCB in your refrigerator. If you have to ask why your brand new LG fridge keeps beeping, the recent power outage could be the culprit. 

Contact LG for repairs if your refrigerator is still under warranty.

LG Fridge Beeping And Not Cooling

The temperature sensor will make your fridge beep if the internal temperature is too warm. You may need to replace your door gasket, check for ice build-up in the freezer, or clean your condenser coils. 

LG Fridge Beeping And Not Cooling

Why Is My Refrigerator Beeping With The Door Closed?

If the doors are closed, and in working order, your fridge may still beep because of an electronic issue. You may need to replace the door switch sensor or the PCB. 


So, why does my LG fridge keep beeping? We’ve just covered nine of the most common causes of this problem. Luckily you can solve most problems yourself with little to no tools or training. 

When in doubt, contact LG Support.


How do I reset my LG refrigerator?

The refrigerator can be reset by unplugging it or tripping the circuit breaker for 30 seconds.
Within 24 hours, you should hear the compressor kick back on, and the unit should start cooling and stabilizing. And LG refrigerator’s problems will go away.

Why is my fridge beeping and saying, high temp?

When the fridge’s internal temperature rises above 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the refrigerator may beep until it drops down again.

How To Turn LG Refrigerator Door Alarm On And Off?

Locate the alarm button on the control panel. For LG models, it will be on the right. Press the button once to turn the alarm off. To turn the alarm back on, press the button twice.