Does the LG Refrigerator Buzzing Stop When the Door Opens? Find Solutions Here

lg refrigerator buzzing stops when door opens

LG creates a multitude of products, one of them being refrigerators. There are many styles to choose from: traditional side-by-side, door-in-door with the freezer at the bottom, French door, and the Instaview door-in-door.

Though these refrigerators are all different, they have one thing in common: the soft whirring noises emitting them. If your LG refrigerator buzzing stops when the door opens, it’s completely normal as the fans that circulate cold air through your fridge stop when you open the door.

The only time you should be concerned with your LG refrigerator is when you hear loud fan noise or none at all. That could mean your unit isn’t properly cooling, putting all your expensive groceries at risk.

Read on to learn more about the buzzing sounds from your refrigerator and what to do if your unit is silent.

LG Refrigerator Buzzing Stops When the Door Opens

Though some newer model refrigerators come equipped with components that hum quietly, you should always hear some sort of noise when you open the fridge. But it’s not a cause for concern when your LG refrigerator buzzing stops when the door opens since the fans stop moving.

Let’s go over some of the typical noises you can expect to hear from your fridge.

Taking a Closer Listen

Thanks to the advancement of technology within everyday appliances, the humming noise in your LG refrigerator might not stop completely when the door is opened.

Try turning off all the background noise in your home and listen closely when you open the fridge. You may notice a slight humming that you couldn’t hear before.

If it’s just the absence of a buzzing after you open the fridge door, it just means you’re not hearing the fans moving, which is normal.

Compressor Continuing To Do Its Job

Compressor Continuing To Do Its Job

The compressor in your fridge works to keep your food cool and fresh. The setup is very delicate, so any faults or issues with the compressor may prevent the fridge from cooling off or getting too warm.

That said, a working compressor will have a slight hum to it, almost like a whisper or a whir which is probably what you hear when you open the fridge.

The Ice Maker

It’s normal to hear a slight whirring when you open the freezer because the compressor is working. Even a knocking or thumping sound is normal from time to time as the ice drops from the maker into the bin.

But if you start hearing excessive popping, knocking, or buzzing inside the ice maker, you should do some investigating.

Popping Noise

You might notice a buzzing sound if the water supply isn’t connected or fully open on your refrigerator. You can resolve this issue by turning off the ice machine until you get the water supply troubleshot and connected properly.

Consistent Knocking Noise

If you’re hearing a knocking noise from your ice maker, it’s not always a concern. You could be hearing the ice drop from the maker into the bin.

But, if the noise persists and is louder, you could have frost or ice buildup near the evaporator fan. When the ice clump is substantial, the fan hits the ice while it spins.

You have two options: turn the refrigerator off and leave the ice maker door ajar until the ice chunk melts, or empty the ice compartment and place a bowl of steaming water inside to melt the buildup.

Consistent Knocking Noise

Inside Buzzing Noise

It’s normal to hear a humming noise inside the fridge and a buzzing sound at the back. But if the noise you’re hearing from your LG fridge is a loud buzzing noise from the ice maker, there could be a problem. The ice maker will buzz if there’s a deficient water supply.

To fix this issue, check the water supply hose and ensure there are no kinks or bends. You should also check that the water filter isn’t dirty, which might obstruct water flow.


While some buzzing and whirring are normal to hear from a fully functioning refrigerator, some noises should cause concern if you hear them. These include:

  • Vibrating
  • Humming
  • Tapping
  • Vibrating
  • Hissing

All of these sounds are abnormal and warrant an inspection by a professional.

LG French Door Refrigerator Buzzing Noise

A slight humming or buzzing is normal to hear because it signifies that the fans and compressor are working.

Brand New Lg Fridge Making Noise

Brand New Lg Fridge Making Noise

Again, it’s perfectly normal to hear some buzzing from the compressor and fans or knocking from ice dropping into the bin. And if the fridge is new to you, it may take some adjustment since these are new sounds.

LG Refrigerator Making Noise and Not Cooling

If your LG refrigerator is making excessive, loud noises and you notice your fridge isn’t cooling off, it could mean the compressor is bad.

Is It Normal for a Fridge To Stop Humming?

Depending on the model of your fridge, the humming from the normal functions of the appliance may be so quiet you can’t quite hear it — especially if you live in a loud household.

But your fridge should always be making some type of noise as the compressor works to keep the unit and your food cool.

How Do I Stop My LG Refrigerator or Freezer From Buzzing?

The ice maker should be making occasional buzzing and knocking sounds as it works to create ice and fill up the compartment. Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop the freezer from buzzing unless you notice that the LG refrigerator fan noise is excessive, which could be an issue.

How Do You Know When a Refrigerator Is Going Bad

How Do You Know When a Refrigerator Is Going Bad?

A telltale sign that your fridge is going bad is if you notice it’s not making any noise or making excessive noise. No noise indicates that the compressor is off or broken. Excessive noise indicates a problem with your fridge’s compressor or water supply.

What Does a Bad Refrigerator Compressor Sound Like?

Vibrating, tapping, and hissing are all abnormal noises and indicate an issue with your compressor.

Should I Replace My Compressor or Refrigerator?

If your compressor has broken beyond repair, you may be looking to replace it. Before you go that route, consider the following.

A general rule of thumb is that if the cost to replace the compressor will cost you about half the price you originally paid for the fridge, it’s in your best interest to replace the entire fridge.

But if you have a newer fridge and it’ll cost about a fraction of what you originally paid or less, go ahead and replace the compressor.

Should I Replace My Compressor or Refrigerator

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Refrigerator Compressor?

The cost of replacing a compressor depends on the year and model of your unit, but you can expect to pay $100 and $600. You should also factor in the cost of labor if you hire a professional, which can run you between $250 and $600.


It shouldn’t be the case that your LG fridge is making noise, but it stops when the door is opened. Between the compressor and the ice machine, you should always notice a slight whisper of noise from your fridge. 

But if your LG refrigerator noise stops when the door opens, it’s not a cause for concern because the fans that help circulate cold air inside the unit stop when the door opens. If you’re just noticing a lack of a buzzing sound, your refrigerator is likely fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my LG refrigerator making a buzzing sound?

Your fridge can be buzzing for a couple of reasons. If the buzzing is quiet, the compressor is likely doing its normal function. However, loud buzzing could mean the compressor is going out. Alternatively, you may have an issue with your ice maker or water supply.

Why is my fridge freezer compartment making a humming buzzing noise?

All running fridges make noises, but if it’s loud and excessive from the freezer compartment, you should check the water supply and evaporator fan.

Why is my fridge making a loud humming noise but stops when the door opens?

You may notice your LG fridge buzzing stops when the door opens. This change could be because you can’t hear the compressor when you’re inside the fridge.

Why does my freezer make a noise when I close the door?

Your freezer making a noise when you close the door could indicate a faulty evaporator fan motor.

Should a fridge hum all the time?

Yes. Because the compressor makes a buzzing or humming noise, you’ll always hear sound from your fridge and should be concerned if you don’t.

Do all refrigerators buzz?

Yes. All refrigerators have compressors, and most have freezers. If you want to know why your refrigerator keeps making a buzzing sound, keep in mind there will always be some noise as the unit runs.

How do you fix a buzzing freezer?

If you notice excessive buzzing from your freezer, you may need to replace the evaporator fan or check the water supply.