LG Remote Won’t Work? Find Solutions Here

my lg remote wont work

With voice-enabled controls and other innovative features, LG remotes are a convenient way to interact with LG Smart TVs. If you’re running into issues with an LG remote not working, you can take a few steps to troubleshoot the problem.

LG Remote Not Working: How to Fix

My LG remote won’t work! In the following article, we’ll go over simple steps to get your remote working again before discussing specific problems such as an LG remote pointer not working or how to connect your LG remote to the TV. Read this fo wifi problems.

1. Replace the Batteries

Empty batteries can cause a wide range of issues with your LG remote. If you flip your remote over, you’ll find a cover that you can slide out by pressing an oval-shaped depression into the remote.

Most LG remotes take a couple of AA batteries. Make sure you insert them correctly, with the plus side touching the connector that looks slightly raised.

Perform a Power Cycle on the Remote

2. Perform a Power Cycle on the Remote

How do I fix my LG remote control? You can try cycling the remote by taking the batteries out, waiting a few seconds, and putting them back in.

If the issue persists, you can try resetting the remote. Here’s how to reset your LG TV remote:

  • Press the Home and Back buttons together for five seconds.
  • The Power button will blink three times.
  • Pair your remote with the TV again by pressing the wheel button.
  • Perform a Power Cycle on the TV

The culprit could be the TV if your LG remote doesn’t work. Restarting your TV might fix the problem:

  • Press the Power button to turn the TV off.
  • Unplug the TV and wait at least 15 seconds.
  • Plug the TV back in and press the Power button.

If your LG smart TV remote stopped working, resetting your TV might solve the problem since your TV will automatically check for updates or finish installing software updates when it restarts.

3. Update the TV

Why is my TV not responding to the remote? The remote might attempt to communicate with an outdated version of the firmware. LG releases software updates regularly for its smart TVs, and downloading the latest firmware version ensures that your TV works properly.

Here’s how you can update your LG TV:

  • Go to Settings, select All Settings, and then General.
  • Look for the option called About this TV.
  • You’ll see an option that says ‘Check for Updates.
  • Select this option and select Download if your TV finds an update.
  • Wait for the TV to download and install the update.
  • Turn the TV off and unplug it for a few seconds. The TV will finish installing the update when it restarts.

4. Remove Any Obstacles That Might Cause Interferences

Remote controls use near-infrared light to communicate with TVs. Furniture, walls, and other obstacles can stop these waves and impact the LG TV remote control functions.

If you own an LG Magic remote, you should know that this device uses radio frequencies or Bluetooth to send signals to your TV. Other nearby Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi networks can interfere with these frequencies. Try moving your router, phone, and other connected devices away from the TV and remote to see if it solves the issue.

Remove Any Obstacles That Might Cause Interferences

5. Re-register the Remote

How do you fix a remote that is not working? A simple solution is to register the remote again.

You can de-register the remote by pressing the Home and Back button together for five seconds. Regardless of your LG remote model, you can register it by pressing the wheel button.

You should see the power button blink once you successfully register the remote.

6. Try Using a Universal Remote

Figuring out why my LG remote stopped working can be tricky. If you’re unable to solve the issue with the steps listed above, try pairing your TV with a universal remote

You’ll have to follow the instructions that came with the universal remote and enter a code to sync it with your LG TV. Common codes for LG TVs include 11423, 10178, and 11178.

Using a universal remote is a good way to rule out potential issues with your TV. Once you’re sure that the issue came from the remote, you can order a replacement LG remote if you don’t like using a universal remote.

You can also download the LG TV Plus app to your phone or tablet to control your TV with this device instead of using a remote.

7. Contact Support

The LG support team might be able to help you troubleshoot the problem or get a replacement if your remote is still under warranty. You can contact support via the official LG website.

Contact Support

LG Remote Home Button Not Working

Are the other buttons working? If yes, there is likely debris stuck under the home button. You can try cleaning the remote or syncing it again with the TV.

LG Remote Pointer Not Working

If all the buttons seem to work, but nothing happens when you point the remote at the TV, the pointer is a possible culprit.

Why is my LG TV remote not working? The remote might not be sending a signal, something might block the signal, or the TV might be unable to receive the signal.

Check that nothing is in the way of the signal and remove potential interferences from other devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if you have an LG Magic remote.

Next, you should try syncing the remote to the TV again. How do I resync my LG TV remote?

  • Press the Home and Back buttons together for five seconds to de-register the remote.
  • Press the wheel button until you see the power button blink.
LG Remote Pointer Not Working

LG Remote Power Button Not Working

If the power button doesn’t light up when you press it, your first step should be to replace the batteries.

An LG remote power button, not working can also indicate that the remote sustained damage, for instance, if you spilled liquid on it. Try cleaning the remote and using pressurized air to remove debris stuck underneath the button.

If you’re dealing with an LG remote red light that stays on, try cycling the remote by taking the batteries out. Wait a few seconds before putting the batteries back in.

You will likely need to get a replacement if you can’t get the power button to work.

LG Remote Volume Button Not Working

If you’re running into issues with the volume button, but all the other controls work fine, something is likely blocking the volume button. Your best option is to use pressurized air to clean this area of the remote and remove dust and debris.

LG Remote Volume Button Not Working

LG Remote Red Light Stays On

You should check your remote for stuck or damaged buttons if the power button shows a solid red light. You should also try de-registered your remote before syncing it again. If the issue persists, take the batteries out to reset your remote.

How to Reset the LG TV Remote?

How do I reset my TV remote? You can reset the connection between your remote and TV by pressing the Home and Back button to de-register the remote.

However, the best way to reset the remote is to take the batteries out:

  • Open the back cover of the remote.
  • Take the two batteries out.
  • Wait 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Put the batteries back in and try pressing the Power button.
How to Reset the LG TV Remote

What Is the Magic Remote for LG Smart TV?

The Magic remote from LG is a device that comes with a few innovative features:

  • The remote uses advanced voice recognition.
  • There is a cursor that allows you to navigate with ease.
  • You can control your TV, set-top box, and more with this remote.
  • It uses radio frequencies or Bluetooth instead of IR.


If your LG remote stops working, your best option is to reset the remote and resync it. Replacing old batteries, cleaning the remote, and removing obstacles that could prevent the remote from communicating with the TV can also solve the problem.


How to Pair a Remote to an LG TV?

Pairing a remote to an LG TV is simple. If you have an LG remote, you can press the Home and Back button to de-register the remote and enter syncing mode. Next, you should press the wheel button to pair the remote to the TV.

How to Sync LG Magic Remote to TV

If it’s your first time using your LG magic remote, turn the TV on and press the wheel button on the remote while pointing it at the TV.
Here’s how to connect the LG remote to the TV if it’s not the first time:
1. Press Home and Back to de-register the remote first.
2. Press the wheel button to sync the remote again.

What to Do if the LG Magic Remote Is Not Working?

You should try resetting the remote, syncing it again, and checking the batteries. If you can’t get the remote to work, you can use a universal remote instead or download the LG TV Plus app on your phone.