Does the LG g3 screen keep going black? Find solutions here

lg g3 screen keeps going black

The LG G3 is one of the most popular Android products, but it’s far from perfect. One issue many people have to deal with is the LG G3 screen keeps going black. This issue can occur for many reasons, making it difficult to troubleshoot or fix.

If you’re dealing with your LG G3 screen blacking out, we’re here to help! Read on to learn five easy fixes to the problem and what can cause the issue! Solutions for wifi problems with LG here.

LG G3 Screen Keeps Going Black – Quick Fix Here!

Many issues can cause your LG G3 screen to black out, so many fixes are in order! Here are the five quickest ways to attempt to fix the issue. Should these fail, you may need to get your phone repaired by a professional.

Way 1: Charge Your LG Phone

One of the many reasons your phone could suffer from the screen going black is it’s running low on battery. A low battery can cause performance issues, including the screen only staying lit for a much shorter time.

If this is the case, the fix is simple. Charging your phone back to full can help ensure the screen won’t go black again. 

However, low battery most likely isn’t why your screen flickers or goes black. Read on below for more solutions. 

Force Restart Your LG Phone

Way 2: Force Restart Your LG Phone

Many times, your phone can have issues that begin with software glitches. You may have opened too many apps or run too many programs at once, overloading the phone. 

Should this occur, forcing a restart can often fix the issue. As with nearly any electronic device, turning the device off and back on is a common fix. Give this fix a try before moving on to more advanced possible solutions to your problem. 

To restart your phone, turn it off by holding down the Volume Up key and the lock key on the back of the phone. Wait for the LG logo to appear, then release these buttons.

From there, LG suggests that you immediately press and hold the lock key again. Doing so will force the restart on your phone. A restart can help smooth out some of the many software glitches that your phone might experience.

If this doesn’t work, you can try again. Consider letting your phone fully charge while turned off to allow it to reset fully. If turning it back on again doesn’t fix it, you may have a more severe issue.

Way 3: Start Your LG Phone in Safe Mode

Another quick fix is to start your LG G3 in safe mode while restarting it. To do so, you will have to follow a few more steps while restarting the phone.

First, ensure that your device is powered off. Once it is, press and hold the Volume Down button and the lock key. Doing so will raise a menu of options.

From this menu, pick Safe Mode. The full restart can take about a minute to complete, so don’t worry if it seems sluggish to restart.

With Safe mode enabled, you can test some app functionality and see if the screen flickers. If the screen continues to turn black, you likely have another issue on your hand. Restart your phone again to exit Safe Mode and restore your phone to normal functionality.

Way 4: Remove the Battery From Your LG G3

At times, completely removing the battery can help to force a full restart. There is also the chance that your battery has trouble connecting with your phone. Regardless of the situation, removing the battery from your LG G3 is crucial to fix the Android Black Screen of Death.

To remove the battery, make sure the device is powered off. It also should not be plugged in or charging during this time. Remove any accessories as well if you have any connections.

Afterward, look at the USB port on the bottom edge of the phone and carefully remove the battery cover. The battery will be visible from here, and you can gently remove it.

Doing so can help you see if the battery is damaged. You can replace it with another and see if some issue with the battery was causing the screen issue. You may also want to take the chance to clean the gold contacts in case dirt or debris is preventing a good connection.

The process is the same whether you replace the battery or put the old one back in. Line the battery up with the gold contacts. Secure it gently. Once it’s in, put the cover back on and cross your fingers! There’s a good chance you’ve fixed the Black Screen of Death.

Factory Reset to Fix Android Black Screen of Death

Way 5: Factory Reset to Fix Android Black Screen of Death

If all else fails, a good final option is to factory reset your LG G3. Be aware that doing so will return the phone to its factory settings. That setting means your pictures, apps, contacts, and everything else will be removed. Make sure you back them up first!

To perform a factory reset, make sure the device is off. Hold the Volume Down and Power buttons and wait for the menu to appear. When it does, select “Factory Data Reset” and use the power button to confirm. At the confirmation menu, select yes.

A factory reset will take a while, so be patient! Once the phone has fully reset, explore for a moment and see if the screen is working.

Unfortunately, if this fails to work, you likely have something severe going wrong with the internal components. You will need to repair or replace the phone, as you’ve done everything you can without professional assistance.

LG Phone Screen Flashes On and Off

If your screen is flashing on and off, you likely have a glitch. There are countless reasons why a glitch can occur, but the fix is usually the same.

You can fix the issue by rebooting your phone. A factory reset shouldn’t be necessary, as a normal reboot should fix it. Consider charging the phone to the full battery to ensure there isn’t any glitch going on with the battery’s charging level.

LG phone screen flashes on and off

LG Phone Screen Fades In and Out

If the screen is fading in and out, using your phone becomes a pain. You should first attempt the reboot fix and see if this resolves whatever glitch is causing your phone to do this.

If that fails to fix it, reinstall the battery to cycle power fully. You may also want to consider replacing the battery, as the battery might cause the issue you’re dealing with.

Why Does My LG G3 Phone Screen Go Black Randomly?

There are many reasons why this can happen, and it can’t be properly diagnosed without having your phone inspected by professionals.

If the screen is black but still works, you might have something wrong with the display. If it’s simply locking itself in quick intervals, you might’ve accidentally set the phone’s auto-lock feature to too quick of an interval. In the second case, you only need to go to settings and change the interval.

Low battery, damaged battery, or software glitches can also cause this issue. As usual, reboot the phone and see if it fixes the glitch. If not, there’s likely something wrong with the hardware. You should contact Android’s customer service or see if you can have it repaired.

Why Does My LG G3 Phone Screen Go Black Randomly

How Do I Fix the Blue Screen of Death On My LG G3?

The notorious “blue screen of death” on your LG G3 is a sobering sight and often means your phone is at its end. However, there are a few fixes you can try first.

Namely, you should attempt the common, classic fixes. Reboot your phone before attempting anything else, as this can likely fix the issue. Should this fail, a forced reboot can sometimes prove more effective.

Afterward, should the problem continue, remove the battery and let the phone sit for a few minutes. Reinstall the battery and try again. Many report this as the most common fix for the problem.

Should it continue, a factory reset is your only hope. If the problem persists after a factory reset, you should have it professionally repaired or replaced.

Calling Up

Using your phone becomes frustrating when the LG G3 screen keeps going black. Rebooting the phone can sometimes fix the issue. If not, reinstalling or replacing the battery can often be the fix you need! If all else fails, consider factory resetting the phone once you have backups of your information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of screen flickering?

Your phone’s screen might flicker due to unexpected bugs in the brightness settings. Usually, the auto-brightness setting is to blame.

What causes the phone screen to blink?

A bug in your phone’s brightness settings may also cause the screen to flicker. The setting usually alters the screen’s brightness automatically based on light sensor data.

How do I fix my LG g3 screen flickering and fading?

If your phone displays problems, here are some fixes you can try.
1. You need to reboot your phone. 
2. You should perform a hard reset. 
3. Enter Safe Mode (available only for Android).
4. Turn off auto-brightness.
5. Turn off Hardware Overlays. 
6. Update your device.
7. Professionally check your phone.