Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue Circle When Charging? Find Solutions Here

ring doorbell flashing blue circle when charging

A Ring doorbell is an excellent investment in home security that anyone can use without any hassle. However, like with any piece of technology, Ring doorbells can experience technical difficulties that you might not know how to solve.

One of these is the Ring doorbell flashing with a blue circle. We’ll go over several causes of this occurrence in this short guide, so read on to learn what you can do to deal with this predicament.

Why Is Your Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue Circle?

The Ring doorbell flashing blue when charging is how the device functions normally. When you plug the charging cable of your Ring doorbell into its charging port on the backside, you will see the ring-shaped light on the front of the doorbell gradually fill. This light means that the doorbell is charging up and still has yet to charge fully.

In this case, the Ring doorbell charging lights are nothing for you to worry about, as they only indicate the device is working correctly. However, keep a close eye on your Ring doorbell when it’s flashing blue because sometimes it isn’t charging at all. Your doorbell may be malfunctioning, causing it to flash blue even though it’s not charging.

Ways to Fix Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue Circle While Charging

Ways to Fix Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue Circle While Charging

If you notice your Ring doorbell flashing blue light while not charging, here are some solutions you can use to solve the issue potentially.

1. Try Triggering an Alert

First, ensure your phone can receive alerts from the ring. To trigger an alert, walk in front of the doorbell or press the button. You will receive a motion alert on your phone, which may help if the doorbell is frozen. Sometimes, freezing can happen when the doorbell finishes charging, and its system fails to recognize that charging is complete.

After triggering the alert, recheck the doorbell to see if the light is still flashing. If it is, you may want to restart the doorbell. A simple reset can fix several issues, including your Ring doorbell flashing blue, so it’s worth trying.

2. Double Check Your Ring Bell’s Connection to the Internet

Ideally, resetting your Ring doorbell will stop the flashing blue circle, but if the problem persists and you’re confident your doorbell’s charging all the way, you should check your doorbell’s internet connection. You can check your Ring doorbell’s internet settings by using the Ring app. In the app, select the Ring device you want to view and choose Device Health.

Here you can view the current status of your Ring doorbell’s internet connection and whether it’s online or offline. A faulty internet connection can certainly cause your Ring doorbell’s light to malfunction because the connection plays a role in the doorbell updating its display. On the other hand, when there is no internet connection or a faulty one, your Ring doorbell will likely fail to change its display when its charging finishes.

After you reset the internet connection, recheck the device to see if it’s working correctly. Assuming the device has a full charge, you should no longer see the blue light.

Call Ring support for further assistance

3. Call Ring Support for Further Assistance

If triggering an alert and resetting your Ring doorbell’s internet connection did not yield any helpful results, the problem may go beyond any DIY fixes. Another solution to the issue is to contact Ring’s customer support services and explain the issue you’re having with your Ring doorbell blinking blue while charging.

It’s far from the most immediate solution, but it guarantees a fix, as Ring will repair or replace the doorbell if it’s still under warranty.

Ring Doorbell Blinking During Setup

When setting up your Ring doorbell, you may notice it blinking at specific points in the process. This blinking is nothing to worry about, as it only means the device connects to your WiFi network. To stop it from doing this, you must complete the setup process and ensure it connects to the WiFi properly.

Whenever you complete the setup of the Ring doorbell, you’ll see the blue lights flash four times before turning to a solid white circle. The circle means the setup is complete, and the device is ready to use.

The blinking should stop, and if it doesn’t, it’s either an indication that the internet did not connect or something else is malfunctioning within the device. To figure out which is the case, check the internet connection status of the device by using the Ring app. The blinking light’s issue lies elsewhere if it shows a steady connection.

Ring doorbell solid blue light when charging

Ring Doorbell Solid Blue Light When Charging

Your Ring doorbell will display a solid blue light once it has reached the end of its charging process. At that point, you can unplug the charging cable from the device, and you won’t need to charge it again until it starts running low on power.

We recommend not charging your Ring doorbell before that, and remember not to overcharge it. Overcharging your Ring doorbell can negatively affect the longevity of the battery’s overall life, so you’ll have to start charging it more often to keep it running.

If you don’t already have one, investing in an extra battery pack for your Ring doorbell is also a good idea. That way, you will have a backup source for power if you ever need it.

Ring Blue Light Flashing at Random Times

Having your Ring doorbell start flashing at random times is one of the less common occurrences. It happens when your Ring doorbell loses power, and unless you frequently have power outages, you may never encounter this issue outside of the first time you set up the device. The only other likely time it will happen is if you don’t charge the device and it runs out of power entirely.

Sometimes, a Ring doorbell will receive a software update that requires a complete reboot. In this case, the blue light will also begin flashing continuously until the rebooting process finishes. However, this is also uncommon, as software updates do not happen often.

Ring Doorbell Flashing Purple

How Long Does The Battery Last on the Ring Doorbell?

The battery on a Ring doorbell can last for varying amounts of time, based on a few different factors. One of the most significant is the conditions under which the Ring doorbell operates. Under the perfect level of use, a Ring doorbell can last between six and 12 months before the battery will require charging.

If you use your Ring doorbell daily, you’ll have to charge it every few days, weeks, or months. The more motion your device picks up, the more alerts it will have to send, and that will gradually drain its battery. So, the battery will require charging very often for a Ring doorbell that is in an area where there are lots of people constantly passing in front of it.

If you bought your Ring doorbell recently and noticed that it suffers from short battery life, the environmental conditions it’s working in are more likely the cause. There’s also a chance you bought a doorbell with a defective battery, but that is far less likely.

Again, this is why it’s good to invest in a second battery pack. This way, you can swap it out and keep using your Ring doorbell while you charge the dead battery back to full, giving you constant coverage.


Hopefully, this guide gave you a newfound understanding of all the different looks a Ring doorbell can show you. These security devices are incredibly worthwhile regardless of where you live, and ensuring they function properly is essential.

All the flashing lights are difficult to track, especially if you don’t know what each means. So, consider jotting down short descriptions of each flashing light type for future reference until you can recognize the meaning behind each kind of flashing light at a glance.

Take your time going through each of the solutions provided above, and if you find that the DIY solutions don’t remedy your issues, always contact Ring’s customer support services. The last thing you want to do is damage your Ring doorbell while trying to fix it. Accidents can happen while trying to repair the Ring doorbell, which may be impossible to fix. 

Thankfully, the solutions are easy for anyone to perform, so you should experience no issues resolving your Ring doorbell flashing blue when charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should the Ring Doorbell Blinking Blue When Plugged In?

If your doorbell is constantly flashing blue, it is charging. As battery life increases, the circle fills up. The light is solid blue whenever the battery is fully charged, and when it is not, it turns off.

How To Tell If a Ring Doorbell Is Charging?

The provided orange micro-USB cable connects the battery to a computer or outlet. Battery charging is indicated by both green and red lights. It is fully charged when only the green light is on.