Samsung TV Mute Flashing: Resolve It Here

Samsung TV Mute Flashing: Resolve It Here

Muting and unmuting your Samsung TV seems like a pretty straightforward task. But, not so much when you press all the right buttons on your TV or remote but still, no sound!

When your Samsung TV is on mute, the mute icon should flash and stay on flash until you unmute. It’s frustrating when there’s no sound from your TV, and you don’t know how to fix it. If this sounds like the predicament you’re facing, here’s more on how to resolve the issue.

How to Remove the Mute on a Samsung on Samsung TV

Your Samsung TV has excellent built-in speakers that produce quality sound. However, because of enhanced sound quality, many prefer to connect their TV to a home theatre system or external speakers.

To activate the external speakers, you have to mute the TV’s internal speakers first. When the TV is on mute, the TV will display a mute icon showing you that the TV is on mute.

Read on to find out how to remove the mute function on your Samsung TV.

Using your remote, press the:

  • Display menu on your Samsung TV: This function displays a series of TV functions.
  • Highlight sound using directional buttons
  • Press the “Enter” button
  • Highlight “Speaker Select “and set it to “External Speaker.”
  • Press Exit to return to your TV’s home screen

The steps above are pretty easy to execute, provided you do everything as detailed.  The best thing about following the steps listed above is that you can successfully mute your Samsung TV’s internal speakers without the mute icon flashing on your TV.

Samsung TV Mute Flashing: Resolve It Here
Samsung TV Mute Flashing: Resolve It Here

Why Does Samsung 5 Pro Keep Going on Mute

It’s annoying when the speaker on your Samsung 5 Pro smartphone stops working out of the blue. Whether you want to play audio via Bluetooth from your Samsung phone to your Samsung TV, it shouldn’t keep on going mute.

Finding the issue is like looking for a needle in a haystack with so many probable culprits to sieve through. When your Samsung 5 Pro keeps going mute, it could be anything from misconfigured settings to an incompatible third-party app. Below are troubleshooting tips to help you try and fix the problem.

But first…

There’s a good chance that the reason behind your Samsung 5 Pro speakers going mute is more external than internal. So before changing any setting on your phone:

  • Check first to see if dirt or debris is blocking the phone’s speakers
  • Remove and clean your phone cover and speakers with a wet wipe or damp cloth
  • Check to see if your phone is wet. Water trapped in the phone speaker mesh can distort the sound. Dip your phone in rice or leave it in a safe open space in the sun to dry

If your Samsung 5 Pro phone is still mute after the brief preliminary check, below are some advanced solutions to correct the problem.

Internal Mute Sets to “ON”

You need to turn the sound of your Samsung TV off for the audio from your Samsung 5 Pro to work. How?

  • On the remote, press the menu button to display different settings
  • Select sound by pressing ‘enter.’
  • Select internal mute and press ‘enter.’
  • Select ‘on’

Now test your Samsung5 Pro to see if the speakers connect and work well independently or when connected to the TV.

Samsung TV Might be Connected to Another Device

Your Samsung TV can’t connect to two external devices simultaneously. If you want to play audio from your Samsung 5 Pro without hitches, ensure that no other devices are currently connected. Here’s how you do it.

On your remote, press the menu button, then go to settings.

Choose the ‘Samsung Connect’ icon and press ‘enter.’

Select the ‘My Devices’ icon

From the display, you can check which devices are currently connected to the TV and disconnect. After that, your Samsung 5 Pro audio should work properly.

Software is Not Updated

Your Samsung TV android software updates every few days, weeks, or months depending on when the manufacturer updates. If for some reason, your TV doesn’t have a constant and stable internet connection, then you might want to check to see if the software is up to date. How?

  1. Open the settings menu on your TV
  2. Select ‘Support’
  3. Select ‘Software Update’
  4. Check to see the current software version your TV is operating on
  5. Select ‘update’ if you notice that it’s been a while since your Samsung TV last updated its software

Make sure there’s reliable internet before trying to update your TV software.

Samsung TV Mute Flashing: Resolve It Here

Internal Hardware Problems

If you recently switched locations, someone or something could have bumped on your TV, or some wires could have become loose – this could be the reason why your TV keeps going mute. It could also be an issue with the internal cabling or speaker malfunctions.

Therefore, it’s advisable to consult a professional. Without adequate experience, it may prove futile for you to take your TV apart and reassemble it. A professional can quickly diagnose and fix the issue without ruining your TV.

Samsung TV Keep Blinking and Not Coming On

Your Samsung TV flickering or blinking means that processes in the background are still in progress before the command is successful. If you’ve waited for several long minutes and the TV keeps blinking and not coming on, below are a few solutions to solve the problem.

Reset Samsung TV

  1. Turn the TV off and unplug your TV from the main power source
  2. Wait for at least 60 seconds
  3. Press and hold down the power button for 30 seconds while the TV is still unplugged
  4. Plug the TV back, switch the socket on and turn your TV on

The flickering should stop, and you should regain sound on my Samsung TV. Should the flickering continue, follow the steps below.

Unplug Samsung TV

Unplugging your Samsung TV is as easy as turning your TV’s power button off or pressing the red power button on your remote and unplugging the main power cord from the socket.

Press and Hold Power Button for 30 Seconds

Pressing and holding the power button for 30 seconds helps eliminate residual power left after operating the TV for a long time.

Plug Samsung TV Back

Plug the main power cord from the TV back into the power socket.

Turn on the Saving Mode

To turn on the power saving mode, press the menu button on the remote, go to settings and then select general settings. Select the power and energy saving option and turn it on.

Inspect all Connections

Your Samsung TV won’t come off mute or stop flashing because some direct connections may be off. Try playing something over the internet to see if the content loads properly and fast.

Check if all the cables connecting in and out of the TV are snug and in the right slots.

Update Samsung TV OS

  • Open the settings menu on your TV
  • Select ‘Support’
  • Select ‘Software Update’
  • Check to see the current software version your TV is operating on
  • Select ‘update’ if you notice that it’s been a while since your Samsung TV last updated its software

The most recent update will automatically download and install on your TV if you follow these steps as listed. Give it a few minutes for the Updating process to complete.

Samsung TV Mute Flashing: Resolve It Here

Factory Reset Samsung TV

Factory resetting your TV will erase all commands you had set earlier. Therefore, you will have to reset the commands once you successfully reset your TV. Follow these steps to Factory reset your Samsung TV.

  • Press the menu button on your remote or TV
  • Go to settings and select general settings
  • Select reset and enter your PIN. Key in 0000 as the default PIN or the PIN you had set earlier
  • Press ok/enter, and your TV will initiate the restart process automatically

If the steps on your TV seem different from the ones listed above, go back to settings, select ‘support,’ and select ‘self-diagnosis.’

How to Un-mute Samsung TV DF10A9500CG

One of the most common problems reported by most Samsung TV users has something to do with audio. Often the cause of the malfunction is a simple glitch or a bad connection. Below are different ways to unmute your Samsung TV.

Check the Mute Status

If there’s visual activity on your TV but no sound, check to see if the mute icon is at the bottom right corner of your Samsung TV or if the mute light is flickering.

You could also try pressing the mute button on your remote to regain normal audio.

Check the Current Input Setting

Start by pressing ‘source’ on the remote and carefully review the available inputs listed on display. If the settings on your Samsung TV are incompatible or some components are missing, the audio will not work.

Check for Connected Headset

If you like gaming, maybe you forgot that your headset is still connected to your TV. Unplug the headset, and the audio should go back to normal.

Check all Physical Connections

There could be some direct connections to the TV that are not working or are in the wrong place. Try playing something over the internet to see if the content loads properly and fast. If it does, then the internet connection is good.

Check if all the hardware cables connecting in and out of the TV are snug and in the right ports.

Check Sound Settings

Sound input and output must be connected properly for the audio to work desirably. If using external speakers, ensure that the output and input correspond with the TV. Confirm also that the TV’s internal speakers aren’t disabled.

Samsung TV Mute Flashing: Resolve It Here
Samsung TV Mute Flashing: Resolve It Here

How to Fix if Samsung TV Mute Icon Flashing

If the Mute Icon is flashing, your TV audio is off. There are instances when you want to use the external speakers while the TV’s internal speakers are disabled. The only problem is that the mute icon on the screen won’t budge. Here’s how to get rid of the mute icon.

Switch to Proper Input/Output

Use your remote or the actual control buttons on your Samsung TV to change the input source. Start by:

  • Pressing the ‘Input’ button on your remote
  • Select one of the input sources listed on the display and press ‘enter.’

Disable the Internal Speaker on Your TV

To disable the TV’s internal speakers:

  • Press ‘menu’ on your remote
  • Go to settings
  • Select sound
  • Select output

From the options displayed, choose the speakers you want your TV to use and press ‘enter.’

Power Cycle Your TV

Power cycling your TV is similar to jumpstarting a car. To jumpstart your TV, start by:

  • Turning off the TV and unplugging it from the power socket
  • Wait for a few minutes for the memory and charge in the capacitors to wear off
  • Plug the TV back and turn it on

This is a simple technique to resolve temporary problems without having to perform intricate and complicated diagnoses on your TV.

Repair the Remote to the TV

If your remote is not working properly, one of two things could be the issue. The batteries are dead, or the TV software is outdated. Replacing the remote batteries and updating the TV software can get your remote working again. Make sure the Samsung TV mute button isn’t stuck.

Samsung TV Mute Flashing: Final Say

As detailed above, there are many ways to fix different malfunctions on your Samsung TV. However, if you’re unsure about what you’re doing, avoid further complicating things by consulting a professional through customer support.

Remember you always can contact us or ask for a quote if you need further help, we’ll be happy to hear from you.


Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions regarding Samsung TV mute flushing.

Why is my Samsung TV flashing a mute symbol?

The mute symbol is flashing because the mute function on your TV is still active. Press the mute button on your remote to deactivate the mute symbol.

Why does my Samsung TV keep going on mute?

It could be because of a mix-up or malfunction between the TV’s internal and external speakers. Other culprits include outdated software or hardware issues.

How do I unmute my Samsung remote?

Unmute your Samsung remote by pressing the mute button or replacing old batteries.

How do I get the mute symbol off my Samsung TV?

There are several solutions to this issue. You could press the mute button on the remote to disable the mute function. If you’re using external speakers, switch to proper input and output.

How do I reset the sound on my Samsung TV?

Use your remote to navigate the settings. Press ‘menu’ on the remote, select sound settings, go to input and output settings, and change the speaker settings to internal or external.

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