Aladdin Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting Guide

aladdin garage door opener troubleshooting

Nothing is worse than leaving your car outside in the open, where it can be rained on or vandalized because your garage door opener is having issues. Luckily, most of the Genie garage door opener problems have simple fixes.

This article will detail some common problems with Genie garage door openers and troubleshoot methods to fix them. 

Troubleshooting Tips for What To Check When Your Genie Garage Door Opener Is Not Working

The following list provides tips and a guide for your Aladdin garage door opener troubleshooting. 

1. Photo-Eye Is Blocked

The photo eye sensor is approximately five inches from the ground, and if something like a bike or bag blocks the sensor, the light will blink red. Once you remove the obstruction, the garage door sensor should resume regular operation and function. 

The photo-eye is blocked

2. Power Is Disrupted

If there is a power disruption, you may need to reset your Genie garage door opener, and to do so, follow four simple steps:

  1. Press the program set button for roughly four seconds. It is the square button on the garage door opener. 
  2. After that, the purple light will flash, prompting you to pick a button or the remote to act as the door opener button. Choose one of the four buttons on the remote.
  3. Once you choose, the flashing purple light will turn into a solid purple, indicating that it has recorded your response.
  4. Press the same button again to confirm your response, which will turn purple LED blue, resetting your garage door. 

Once you have recalibrated your door and remote, try using it normally to see if it functions as it should. It might take some time if you experienced a power outage for the components to work correctly after regaining electricity.

      3. Torsion Springs Are Broken

If the power is not the issue, you may have a broken torsion spring. Depending on your level of expertise with tools, you can either fix it yourself or hire a professional.

To fix it yourself, you’ll need to:

  • Measure the springs
  • Mark each end of the shaft or drum
  • Unwind and unscrew the spring
  • Remove and replace it
Torsion Springs Are Broken

       4. Remote Control Malfunction

You can have numerous remote control malfunctions, such as jammed buttons or faulty batteries. However, replacing the battery is easy enough as you only need to unscrew the battery compartment and install a new one.

A jammed button is a more complicated problem that requires a little electronics expertise to fix on your own. It’s better to buy a new remote and calibrate it to your Genie garage door opener. 

5. Snapped or Loose Cables 

Loose cables can be another reason your Genie garage door opener is not working correctly. Once again, you might want to outsource this fix to someone with more expertise, but it is entirely doable on your own.

Reattaching loose cables yourself will require you to unhook the line from the door and wind the cable around the spin drum. You may need a screwdriver to attach the cable from the door and a steady hand to wind the cable around without unraveling it completely. 

A pair of vice grips will also help you keep the door open while you do your work. It is always important to pull down the emergency release lever so that you can manually operate the garage door. 

Snapped or loose cables

6. Sensitivity Needs Adjustment

If the garage door button does not respond from a certain distance, you may need to adjust the sensitivity. You can do this one of the most garage door openers by opening up the unit and turning the limit screws.

If the Genie garage door limit switch problem persists, you may need to wipe off the sensors or reset your Genie garage door opener. 

7. The Limit Setting Is Off

If the limit setting is off, you will have to turn it back on and reset them. Resetting the system by unplugging and plugging back in or pressing the limit switch is the best way to accomplish this goal. 

Wait for the flashing blue light, then press the arrows until your doors reach the desired height. Then, do the same process in the opposite direction and successfully reset your limit settings.

The Limit Setting Is Off

8. The Door Has Dislodged From the Track

A loose cable problem could be why your garage door is not lining up correctly on its track. You can fix this issue by rewinding, as previously discussed.

Make sure you pull the emergency safety release on your door so that you can manually move it up and down. That way, you’ll be able to realign it with its track or fix the cable issue.

9. Something is Blocking the Door

If something is in the way of your photo eye sensor, you’ll see a blinking red light. Your garage door eye is roughly five inches off the ground, so your car or a bike can block it easily.

Move the obstruction from the garage door sensor, and it should resume functioning normally. If not, you might need to clean the eye or check to see if there is any damage to the sensor.

Something is Blocking the Door

10.  “Disconnect” Has Been Switched

Genie garage door opener’s disconnect lever needs to be up before you can use it properly. A disengaged lever allows users to manually operate the door, giving them the chance to fix problems.

Re-engage the Genie garage door opener by pulling the attached string towards the motor head and sliding it down the track until it finds the inner garage door opener rail slide.

11. The Door Is Locked

The Genie wall station has two buttons that allow you to either lock or unlock your garage door. Genie’s locking mechanism is an excellent feature for those who do not want anyone entering their garage.

The left button unlocks the door, and the right button locks it. Unfortunately, it’s run on a sliding mechanism, so you will have to slide it completely to the left position so it can respond to the remote.

The door is locked

Genie Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting: Red Light Blinking

A blinking red light on your Genie garage door opener means something obstructs the sensor, and the door cannot close. Remove whatever the obstruction is to resume proper function.

If there are no visible obstructions, you may need to clean off your Genie garage door opener sensor light. You can do this with any handy wet wipes or paper towels, and just make sure it’s dry afterward.

Genie Garage Door Opener: Red Light Stays On

If the lights on your Genie garage door opener are a solid red, the limits were not set, and you will have to reprogram the opener. 

Genie Garage Door Opener: Status Light Blinking

Genie Garage Door Opener: Status Light Blinking

Depending on your Genie garage door opener status light blinking color, you can do several things to fix your door:

  • Blinking Red: Something is blocking the door sensor, and it will not close properly.
  • Blinking Blue: Press the arrows to adjust your limit settings. 
  • Blinking Purple: Your Genie garage door opener requires programming, and you’ll need to press one of the buttons on the remote to calibrate the door.

Genie Garage Door Opener: Purple Light Stays On

If your Motorhead box has a solid purple light, it is waiting for input from the Genie garage door remote. Map whatever button you want your garage door to open to finish remote calibration.

Genie Garage Door Won’t Open With Wall Switch

Sometimes your Genie garage door won’t open with the wall switch when you press it. If this is the case, try resetting it by turning it off and back on. 

Check the sensors, door alignment, and programming if the problem persists after that simple fix. The wall switch itself may not be the problem as it could be the door not working correctly.

Genie Garage Door Won't Open With Wall Switch

Why Won’t the Garage Door Close or Open With the Remote?

Recalibrating your Genie garage door opener remote is the first option if it is not working correctly. Press and hold the calibration button on the Genie box for three seconds and wait for the purple flashing light. 

Once you see the purple flashing light, press the button you would like to the main switch to prompt the light to turn a solid purple. Then, press the button on the remote again to complete the process.

Calibration is one possible issue, while another is the batteries. Your Genie garage door opener remote control batteries may be out of juice and need a replacement.

Contacting the company and ordering a replacement remote control is your last option if all else fails.

Final Thoughts

This Aladdin garage door opener troubleshooting guide addresses users’ most common garage door opener problems. Most issues are easy fixes with a few household tools. However, if you cannot fix the issue, you should contact Aladdin directly for further troubleshooting or professional help. 

Much of the information and troubleshooting tips above are helpful for any model; some calibration buttons and overall appearance may differ depending upon your Genie garage door model.


How do I reset my Aladdin garage door opener?

Press and hold the square “Program Set” button for three seconds. The purple light will flash, prompting you to choose which button on the remote should act as the door opener. Once chosen, the flashing purple light will become a solid purple, indicating that it has recorded your response. Press the same button again to confirm your response, which will turn the purple LED blue, resetting your garage door. 

Why is the garage door light blinking and not opening?

If the garage door light is blinking red, something is blocking the sensor. You’ll need to use the arrow to adjust the settings if it’s blinking blue. If the garage door light is blinking purple, the opener requires programming. 

Is there a reset button on garage door openers?

While there is no reset button, there is a simple, four-step process to reset garage door openers.