Is Apollo TV Unable to Connect? Find Solutions Here

apollo tv unable to connect

Apollo TV is a popular video streaming and recording device. One of the many features that Apollo tv offers is the ability to connect with individual devices by scanning for them in range. However, the issue often arises amongst internet users who cannot connect to one service. This article goes over a few solutions on how you can overcome this obstacle.

Apollo TV Unable to Connect

The Apollo tv can connect to any device with a set-up within the same network. You can ensure your wi-fi settings are compatible with the device. You can have a password and know how much bandwidth you give for streaming.

Another common reason people face trouble when attempting to connect to Apollo tv is that a firewall or router is blocking the connection. If your device asks for a password, your router or firewall has decided not to allow connections to the device. It also means that there is no internet access. 

First, you can try re-checking whether you have a password in place and what type it is. You can then turn on your wi-fi and if the problem remains, attempt to change the password of your router or firewall settings if possible.

Apollo group tv not working

Apollo group TV is not Working

The Apollo group tv not working means you may have a problem with your router. The router or firewall blocked your device. If the Apollo group tv not working is an issue with your router, there are some simple steps to resolve this.

It allows users to connect to the system with no conflicts in place. The other more technical method to help the Apollo group tv not work involves changing the settings on a wireless router and firewall. You can often adjust these by following written directions provided by the manufacturers of these devices.

Apollo TV is not Working with VPN

Apollo tv not working with VPN is a common problem. If you are having trouble connecting to the device via a VPN, it means that the VPN is not up to date or there are some issues with your computer’s or phone’s settings. First, try restarting your devices, which often helps solve the problem. Then, if the rest cannot work, you can start troubleshooting your VPN connection and see if it’s wrong with its settings. 

Also, You can check for any updates on your computer, which may help fix any compatibility issues with the device. You can also try switching to another VPN that connects directly to the internet and see whether this fixes the problem. Finally, you can opt for a different VPN service provider if this is successful.

Apollo group tv cannot connect to the edge server

Apollo Group TV Cannot Connect to Edge Server

The common problem most users face is that the Apollo group tv cannot connect to the edge server. This problem is because the device cannot reach the content server. Usually, there is over one way to help fix this problem. 

The first step you can try involves restarting your computer and attempting your Apollo Group TV login again. This process consists in pressing the power button for several seconds until it reboots. If the issue remains, you can also force a reboot on your Apollo tv and see whether you can get in after this has happened.

Apollo Group TV Error 401

The Apollo group tv error 401 is a common issue because the device cannot authenticate the user, and there are some problems with the username or password. You can try resetting the device and starting over again. 

You can remove the memory stick and put it back into the memory after twenty seconds. After that, you can try logging in once again and see whether this resolves the issue. If it does not work, you can attempt to change your username on your account and reset your password if possible.

If changing passwords doesn’t work, you may need to resolve an issue with your Apollo TV service. You can attempt to contact Apollo Group TV customer service first and discuss the matter with them. If you cannot do so, you can try contacting Apollo tv support directly.

Apollo TV Status Code 503

The Apollo tv status code 503 shows that a server is down or the connection to the content server has failed. You can try restarting your device and performing a hard reset, as this often resolves the issue. You can hard reset your device by removing the memory stick and unplugging it from the tv. 

After performing this, you can also attempt to reset your router if you cannot connect. If none of these solutions works, you may have an issue with your Internet Service Provider. By contacting the ISP, you can find out whether there are any problems with your local connection or if there are issues with their server. 

There may also be issues with a firewall on your computer that prevents the device from accessing its content. If none of these fixes works, you can contact Apollo tv help and support directly and seek help accordingly.

How do you troubleshoot Apollo TV?

How Do You Troubleshoot Apollo TV?

The following are steps you can follow to troubleshoot Apollo TV:

  1. First, check whether the devices connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.
  2. Second, update your device’s and router’s firmware to the latest version. 
  3. Third, check for firewall settings on your computer, for instance, Windows Defender.
  4. Reboot your device and router when necessary.
  5. Finally, check the IP addresses of devices.
  6. Check for DNS issues, for instance, the correct or incorrect DNS settings or connection issues.
  7. Clear system cache in browsers. It resolves issues with certain websites not working for a specific time.
  8. Finally, check for other devices or software on your router that might be using the same IP address.

How Do I Reset My Apollo?

Here are steps you can follow to reset Apollo TV:

  1. Unplug the router.
  2. Remove the power cable from the power outlet where you have connected your devices with a router.
  3. Unplug all devices connected to your Apollo tv other than it. For instance, if you connect your computer to a cable or Wi-Fi connection, unplug its cable. Next, press and hold the reset button on Apollo set for several seconds, so it discharges its electrical charge completely, then reconnect it to your Apollo tv again.
  4. When reconnecting the devices to your Apollo set, you get a message on the screen asking whether you want to sort out your Apollo TV update firmware or restore settings. Select “restore settings.”
  5. You can also reset your router. Before you do this, disconnect all other devices except your Apollo tv and router.
  6. On your router, turn off the WPS function, then turn it back on by pushing the WPS button a few times. 
  7. If these steps do not work with your Apollo tv, you can contact their support team as they know best how to solve these issues further.


Apollo TV is a good Content Provider that offers its users high-quality movies, television shows, and sports programs. To stream the content of Apollo TV to your device, you can use one of the best VPNs for Apollo TV for exclusive access to the media library. 

Apollo TV also helps you enjoy the latest movies, videos, and other content available on your device. Unfortunately, Apollo TV is not available in some countries. You should connect your device with a reliable internet connection and streaming service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Apollo app not working?

The apollo app may not work if it cannot connect to the Apollo tv. If this is the case, you may need to update the app or reinstall it if you have already done so and that didn’t solve your issue. Go to your app store and install the newest version of the apollo app, follow the installation process then try connecting again.

How do I connect my Apollo TV to my smart TV?

You can select a Wi-Fi connection as the best option to connect your smart TV with your apollo tv. However, you can also try an Ethernet cable connection if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection.

How do I watch Apollo Group TV?

You can use the apollo tv app to view all your favorite channels. If the app is not working, you can connect to Apollo group tv with a cable or wirelessly through your network. You can refer to the guide for more information on how to do that.

How do you use the Apollo app?

The apollo app lets you view all your favorite channels and your favorite shows. You can use the 
app to:

 Watch live TV.
 Request for a show to be added to the schedule.
 Download and install new features in the background automatically.
 Manage your favorites easily with the Apollo-wise list feature so you can view them when they are on.
 View additional details about what is on, such as the movie rating and synopsis.

How do I change my Apollo Group TV password?

You can change your password by doing the following:

Select “Settings” in your Apollo app.
Then select “Accounts.”
Now select the password icon to change your account password on your device.