Oculus Controller Blinking White? Find Solutions Here

oculus controller blinking white

It can be challenging to determine how to pair oculus quest 2 controllers, but thankfully the device has a status light that can tell you what’s wrong. White light blinking on the oculus quest controller indicates no connection to the headset. 

Don’t worry if you’re having any of these issues. In this article, we’ll explore questions like why is my oculus controller blinking white. How to turn on oculus controllers? And how to connect oculus controllers. 

What Does the Status Light on the Controller Mean?

Your oculus controller uses different colored lights to indicate your controller’s status.

  • Blinking orange means the battery is low
  • The oculus controller blinking white light means it paired successfully (it will also vibrate)
  • When it’s paired to the phone, it will blink white once
  • When not connected to the phone, it will blink white repeatedly
  • It will have a solid white light when the controller firmware is updating

Oculus Quest Controller Not Working and Blinking White? Try These Fixes

If your oculus controller is blinking but not connecting, you should try the following options.

Unpair and Pair again

1. Unpair and Pair again

You’re able to do this through the Oculus app on your phone.

2. Reinsert Batteries

You can also purchase new rechargeable batteries if the problem persists.

3. Restart the Quest 2 Headset

Turning it off and on again is a good first option.

4. Factory Reset Oculus Quest 2

This reset will delete any personal data, so ensure everything is off before doing this.

5. Reach Out To Oculus Support

We can’t fix everything at home, but that’s alright. Reach out to Oculus support and submit a help ticket if needed.

Oculus controller blinking but not connecting

Oculus Controller Blinking But Not Connected

If you have a blinking white light on an Oculus controller, your phone can’t connect to the controllers. First, you’ll want to open your Oculus app and check the controller section of your settings to ensure you haven’t previously paired your controller. You can also check this by pressing the pairing button and seeing if your controller blinks white once and not repeatedly.

Unpair the controllers if your app shows that they are paired but aren’t connected. Then, turn the Bluetooth on and off from your phone. Finally, if that doesn’t work, try restarting your phone. 

From there, the problem most likely isn’t Bluetooth. Check your Oculus Quest 2 controllers and their battery life in the app. You can find this information if you tap ‘More,’ then ‘Controller,’ and tap on each controller to see their battery level.

Next, check to ensure nothing else is paired with your phone if the controller batteries are fine. Sometimes the controllers will show they’re actively pairing while another device, like a gamepad or a portable keyboard, connects to your phone. These other devices can disrupt the Oculus, making the Oculus controller blink but not connect.

If you’re unsure of how to pair an Oculus Quest 2 controller, it’s easy. First, go into the app and select the ‘Devices’ option to search for nearby Oculus devices. When the app locates your device, choose your Oculus from the list, and your controllers and headset should pair to your phone.

Oculus Quest 2 Controller Blinking SOS

An Oculus controller blinking white means it’s not connected to the phone, but when your controllers start flashing in morse code, it means the device is attempting to download/finish a firmware update. This code happens before or after the lights go solid white to indicate the download is in progress. 

During the download process, do not turn the devices on or off. Oculus support recommends waiting up to an hour before reconnecting your controllers to your phone or the headset. Then, if your controllers continue the SOS white blinks, unpair them from your phone using the app and wait another ten minutes before re-pairing them.

When re-pairing them, you should see a status update in the app, “updating firmware.” Allow the controllers to finish, and then they should return to normal. If not, you’ll need to contact Oculus support and open a help ticket. They may send you an Oculus controller replacement if they can’t resolve the issue.

The SOS message can occur if the firmware update is interrupted by the headset turning on and off repeatedly, the controllers becoming disconnected from the internet, or other code glitches.

Oculus quest 2 left controller blinking

Oculus Quest 2 Left Controller Blinking

If only that controller is blinking, your Oculus Quest 2 left controller is having pairing issues. You can go into the Oculus app and check the status of your controllers. Your right controller can pair while your left will not. 

To solve this, start by turning the left controller off and back on again or removing the batteries. It may be helpful to do the same with the Oculus Quest 2 right controller to ensure they’re pairing together. In that case, unpair the right controller before you remove the batteries.

You’ll need to contact Oculus support if these solutions don’t solve the problem.

Oculus Controller Blinking 3 Times

If your Oculus controller is blinking 3 times, check to see if it’s the SOS signal. It’ll have three short blinks, three long blinks, and then three short blinks. If you catch the signal in the middle of the display, it can look like a different problem.

To resolve this, use the steps above in the Oculus Quest 2 Controller Blinking SOS section.

oculus quest 2 blinking on and off

Oculus Quest 2 Blinking On and Off

Your Oculus Quest 2 crashes because of charging issues, inability to connect with nearby devices, or issues with the proximity sensor. If you believe the problem is with the batteries, purchase new rechargeable batteries and see if that helps.

If it doesn’t, try turning the entire device off for 30 minutes. Take the batteries out of the controller, turn off the headset, unpair them from your phone, etc. After 30 minutes, turn everything back on and see if that restored the connection.

How Do You Reset a Quest 2 Controller?

Hold down the Oculus and Back buttons on your controller to reset your Oculus controller until the controller LED blinks and lights up. It shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds. Then, pair the controller to your device using the app.

If you need to recalibrate your controllers, open the Oculus app, tap ‘More,’ and then ‘Controller.’ Below ‘Paired Controllers,’ tap your controller. Then tap the three dots on the top right and hit ‘Recalibrate.’ You’ll need to follow the onscreen instructions to complete the calibrations. 


If you have an Oculus controller blinking white, it can mean a few different things. The controllers could be installing the firmware, they may need to be paired or re-paired, or they could be struggling to operate due to low battery. 


How do I fix the flashing light on my Oculus controller?

The flashing lights on your Oculus controller indicate different things depending on the LED color, duration of the flash, and the number of flashes. An Oculus Quest 2 controller blinking white indicates it needs to be re-paired to your device, while a solid white LED indicates a firmware update. If you notice 

Why is my Oculus controller not pairing?

Your Oculus controller may not pair with your phone if your phone’s Bluetooth is disabled, if the controllers’ batteries are running low, or if the controllers are installing a firmware update. 

Why does my Oculus keep blinking?

Your Oculus Quest 2 has LED indicator lights that display different colors and durations depending on the controller’s needs. An Oculus controller blinking white indicates the controllers are un-paired, while a white light that blinks three times means a firmware update.

Why is my right Oculus Quest controller not working?

Your Oculus controllers can become unpaired independently and run out of battery at different times. Check the Oculus app to see each controller’s pairing status and battery level. 

If the problem persists, try un-pairing and re-pairing both controllers. They should be in sync for the best gameplay quality.