Does Arlo Camera Keep Going Offline? Find Solutions Here

arlo camera keeps going offline

The Arlo wire-free security camera is known to go offline. Why does your security camera go offline at night? If your Arlo camera keeps going offline, follow the troubleshooting steps.

How To Fix the Arlo Camera Offline Issue?

If your Arlo Essential camera keeps going offline, or your Arlo Pro 4 camera keeps going offline, you must troubleshoot them to find the cause. But, how do you get my Arlo camera back online? 

There are a variety of steps to take when troubleshooting. Furthermore, there are a lot of different causes for the issue to appear, but there are solutions to solve the problem.

Arlo Camera Startup Solutions

If your Arlo Go keeps going offline, try these solutions before sending the camera off to support. These tips will also help if your Arlo Essential, Arlo Pro 4, or Arlo Pro 2 keeps going offline.

Check the Camera Connectivity

If your Arlo camera keeps going offline, ensure that your camera is close to the Arlo SmartHub, base station, or Wi-Fi router. It is a great idea to place the Arlo camera 300 feet from the Arlo SmartHub. 

If the camera is placed far away from the Arlo SmartHub, it will cause connection problems. In addition, you need to ensure your internet strength is stable.

Make sure the area is covered by Wi-Fi

Make Sure the Area Is Covered by Wi-Fi

Is your Arlo camera not connecting to Wi-Fi? First, you must ensure your entire area has complete Wi-Fi coverage. Make sure there aren’t any thick walls between the Arlo camera and base station. Complete Wi-Fi coverage is important while troubleshooting your Arlo camera.

Ensure Your Arlo Base Station Is Online

Check the LED light on the base station to ensure it is not an amber color. If it is an amber color, it represents the base station isn’t connected to the internet, so ensure the Ethernet cable is connected to a LAN connection. 

Afterward, check the LED light again, and it should be blue. Once the light is blue, it represents the base station is connected to the internet, and you are now online.

Make Sure That Your Camera Is Synced to the Base Station

Why will your Arlo camera not sync? Every user should have an Arlo library. Make sure you check the previous recording in the library. If you’re only able to locate a recording from a long time ago, your camera is possibly not synced to the base station.

Disconnect the Arlo camera from its power source

Disconnect the Arlo Camera From Its Power Source

The power source may be a problem when your Arlo camera goes offline. The process of disconnecting your Arlo camera from the power source is relatively easy. First, take the batteries out of the camera.

If your Arlo keeps going offline and you notice the camera batteries are old, buy some new ones first and reinsert them into the camera. Sometimes bad batteries can cause the Arlo camera detachment issues. Do not attempt to reuse bad batteries.

The LED Does Not Light

Once your batteries are reinserted, you should notice an LED light. If an LED light is not showing, ensure the batteries were placed in the correct orientation. The LED light should now shine.

The LED Blinks Blue Rapidly

You should notice the LED light blinking rapidly, with a blue color. Once this happens, it only means your Arlo camera is synced to the base station. Finally, your camera is syncing.

The LED Blinks Blue Once

The LED Blinks Blue Once

Your LED light is finally on, but now it blinks blue once instead of rapidly. Unfortunately, the rapidly blinding LED light states that your camera isn’t synced and needs to be resynced. Go back to solution one and work your way back to solution 4. 

Confirm the previous recording shows and not a recording from a long time ago, and check for the rapidly blinking blue LED light, meaning your camera is syncing.

The LED Blinks Amber

If you have old batteries lying around the house and you’re trying to reuse them and notice the LED light is actually on, but it is amber. That means those batteries are not going to work, and they need to be replaced immediately. Using new batteries is very important to ensure your Arlo camera stays online.

Arlo Camera LED Light Glows Steady Blue

Finally, your camera has a steady LED blue light. Your camera is finally ready and online. You can now use your camera without any distractions.

Reboot the System

Reboot the System

To reboot the Arlo camera system, go to your device settings in the Arlo app, press restart, then your camera will automatically shut down and start rebooting. Once your camera starts up, it will be fresh from any old activities it was working on. Sometimes, the initial reboot may not work. If not, you will have to reset it completely.

Factory Reset

A factory reset might help when your Arlo cameras keep going offline. To reboot the Arlo camera, you will simply do a factory reset. The only downside to rebooting is it will return your camera to default settings and remove it from your account. Therefore, you must start the setup process again to use your camera.

Is Your Arlo Device Connected to the Correct Wi-Fi Network?

Arlo devices are usually connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Ensure your battery is charged 30% or more before changing the Wi-Fi network to the correct one. After the setup of your Arlo camera, you are automatically prompted to connect to a Wi-Fi network. 

Ensure your mobile device and Arlo camera are connected to the same network. Your camera must be in a disarmed mode to have the option of accepting a Wi-Fi network.

Is Your Arlo Device Connected to the Correct Wi-Fi Network

Is Your Arlo Device in Range of Your Wi-Fi Router, Arlo SmartHub, or Arlo Base Station?

To establish a great connection, your Arlo device must be within your Wi-Fi router’s range. Double check and make sure your Arlo device is in range of your Wi-Fi router. 

Once you verify the connection, your camera should be ready. If your device is undiscoverable on the network, ensure you enter the correct Wi-Fi network SSID or network name and password. 

The network name must be case-sensitive and the password as an eye icon that you can click on to see the password while you are typing it in the password box.

Also, make sure you hear a chime noise once your camera scans its QR code. During the Arlo app setup, you should receive a prompt to scan a QR code located on your Arlo camera with your mobile device. Once the code is scanned on the camera with the mobile device, you will hear a chime noise. 


It is frustrating when one of your devices keeps turning off when you don’t want it to, but thankfully, there is usually a solution. Hopefully, these tips will help you find the cause and solution you need to fix your device if the Arlo camera keeps going offline.


Is your Arlo device receiving power?

Always check whether you need to change your batteries or ensure they are placed properly in the camera. If your device is plugged into a solar panel charger or an electrical outlet, ensure those power sources receive actual power and secure connections. 
It’s recommended to use the Arlo product-compatible camera accessories to ensure your Arlo camera gets the power it needs to stay online. Never use third-party chargers. It can be a bad fit for your Arlo camera. Check your Arlo Secure app daily to know what is going on with your Arlo camera. The app will let you know if your camera’s battery is low.

Is there Wi-Fi signal interference?

If you are located in an environment with multiple Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi devices, or frequencies, it can cause signal interference. Therefore, try to keep your Wi-Fi networks and devices to a minimum. 

How do I stop my Arlo camera from timing out?

To verify your camera doesn’t time out again, it is best to unplug or take the batteries out and restart the camera. Once your camera turns on, it should not time out again, but if it does, you should check your Wi-Fi connection and ensure it is stable. 
Lastly, you can do a factory reset. Either option should help you with stopping your Arlo camera from timing out.

Why has the Arlo app stopped live streaming?

If your Arlo app stops live streaming, it can happen due to live streaming for longer than 30 minutes. Simply press play to start back live streaming. 
It can also stop unexpectedly due to connection issues. So first, check your Wi-Fi connection or Wi-Fi speed. Then, make sure the Arlo app is updated to its latest version.

Why do Arlo cameras keep going offline?

If you’ve tested all of the above solutions and have exhausted the information provided, it may be an underlying issue with the product. The best option is to contact customer support or take it to an expert to diagnose the issue properly and hopefully fix or provide a replacement for your faulty device.