Arlo Camera Troubleshooting Guide

arlo camera troubleshooting

Arlo cameras are generally used for security purposes, to protect your home and/or office. They also come in various models like Arlo Pro, Arlo Ultra, Arlo Go, Arlo Baby, etc. Most of their products are of premium quality and highly recommended. 

The Arlo security cameras, however, run into glitches and issues like all electronic products. This blog article has compiled a list of tips and tricks for troubleshooting your Arlo Camera. The Arlo camera troubleshooting guide can be used by both Arlo users as well as those who may need to help someone else.

Arlo Security Camera Troubleshooting

We have provided troubleshooting steps that should assist you in resolving most of the problems. 

Arlo camera is not connecting

There can be several reasons your Arlo Pro 4 camera isn’t connecting to WiFi. First, check the cause of the issue and fix it. Here’s how:

  • Check the Wifi network: You must connect your Arlo device to a 2.4 GHz band. You shouldn’t be trying to connect to 5 GHz, as that’s for a Base Station connection, not a direct connection.
  • Connect the phone to the same network: Ensure your phone is also connected to the same 2.4 GHz network as your Arlo camera.
  • Correctly type the Wifi network SSID and password: Be sure to enter the Wifi network SSID and password correctly. You can review the SSID and password before submitting by tapping the password eye icon. 
  • Keep in the signal range: Be sure your Arlo camera and phone aren’t too far away from the Wifi router or out of signal range. It is recommended to position your camera 10-15 feet (3-4.5 meters) from the Wifi router during setup. 
  • Check for camera timeout: If the camera LED blinks for longer than two minutes without being connected to the WiFi network, the camera has timed out. If that happens again, press the sync button. Also, check to ensure the LED is blue throughout the connection process. 
  • Listen to the chime: Upon scanning the QR code, the camera will make a chime noise to complete the onboarding process. After scanning, wait for the chime sound and proceed only after hearing it. 
Arlo camera not connecting

Arlo camera is not working

If the Arlo camera isn’t working, check the LED indicator light first. Then, check whether it’s a power, plug, or wiring issue when it doesn’t light up or has gone completely dark. 

You can try removing the battery or unplugging it from the power source. Then, reconnect the power source or put the battery back inside. Once the battery has been inserted, or the camera has been turned back on, look for an LED light.

You can try another method if the camera is yet unresponsive. You can resync it by going to Settings>My Devices. Shortly (<1 second), press the sync button on the base. You will be able to use your camera once it comes back online. 

Arlo camera is not syncing

Follow these steps if the Arlo camera is not syncing or pairing: 

  • First, remove all devices from Settings>My Devices.
  • Next, reset the camera’s batteries by removing them and reinstalling them.
  • Using the Add Device button, add the Base on the Devices tab.
  • Make sure all cameras are synced.
  • Touch or press the Base Sync button briefly; remember not to hold it too long.
  • Test the batteries and make sure the LED lights are flashing correctly. 
Arlo camera not syncing

Arlo camera is not recording

You can troubleshoot the Arlo camera not recording by following these steps:

  • Check for connection problems: Ensure all the cables are properly connected to the Base Station and the camera. If everything is plugged in, then check the Wifi connection. If it doesn’t work, disconnect the cables for a while and try again.
  • Fix the positioning of the camera: You need to adjust the angle and position of the Arlo camera to cover the activity zone completely. If necessary, check the user manual for the ideal height and position of the camera. 
  • Check for obstructions: Obstructions may block the camera’s field of view, preventing it from recording. Ensure your camera has an unobstructed view and is not blocked by anything.
  • Check armed status and configuration: Ensure that no configurations have been missed. If the armed status of the camera unit is not active, access the app and update the configurations. For example, simply go to the app, select Mode, choose the camera to be fixed, check Settings, and select Armed. To save the settings, open the Rules section, check Record Video, and click Done. 
  • Check for the camera’s online status: Check if the camera is online by logging out of the app. Then, ensure it’s recording and online by logging back in again. Reset the Arlo camera if it is still offline. 
  • Reset the camera: You can reset everything. All previously stored configurations are removed by resetting the camera to factory default settings. If the reset fails, you must go through the setup process again. Alternatively, the camera might be defective and contact Arlo customer support. 

Arlo camera does not detect the motion

In some cases, motion sensitivity is set at a relatively low level, and increasing it can improve overall motion detection. By performing a motion detection test, you can also check if the Arlo camera’s LED flashes when motion is detected. 

Go to the Settings tab and reset it if it doesn’t flash. Take the battery out for 15 seconds or unplug the camera for one minute. Check if the motion detector works properly by plugging it back in or reinserting the battery. 

Arlo camera not detecting motion

Arlo camera flashing orange

Usually, the Arlo camera’s LED flashing orange light means the battery level is low. However, the different types of flashing lights can also mean different statuses for your Arlo camera.

  • LED flashing solid orange/amber: If the LED has a solid orange or amber light, the SIM card is damaged or not inserted properly. 
  • LED flashing orange/amber light blinking fast: The camera failed to connect to the network or sync with the base station.
  • LED flashing orange/amber light blinking slowly: Low battery charge. 

Arlo camera flashing blue

Similar to orange LED lights, Arlo camera flashing blue lights can mean different statuses based on different types. 

  • LED flashing solid blue: The camera is powered on and connected to the internet. 
  • LED flashing blue slowly: The camera is trying to connect to a network.
  • LED flashing blue fast: The camera is successfully connected or paired with a Wifi network. 
  • LED flashing alternately as blue and orange: A firmware update is in progress, so don’t turn off the camera till it’s complete. 
  • LED flashes alternately as blue and purple: The camera is connected to the cloud and the cellular network. 
Arlo camera flashing blue

Arlo camera is not charging

In case your Arlo camera isn’t charging, do the following steps: 

  • First, ensure the power adapter cable is fully inserted into the camera and the AC power adapter. 
  • Try to remove and reinsert the battery and the adapter cable. 
  • Log into your Arlo account to check whether the camera is online and the charger icon is displaying. 
  • If an error message is showing, try charging your camera with a different Arlo power adapter or charging a different camera with the same power adapter. This way, you’ll know whether the issue lies in the original camera or the power adapter. 
  • Check if there’s any new firmware update required. 
  • See if the LED quickly blinks orange for three seconds, then wipe or clean any dirt/debris off the battery or the camera’s contacts. 
  • If all fails, try resetting the Arlo system to factory default settings. 

My Arlo camera is offline

If your Arlo camera shows offline in the mobile app, the issue is probably related to the network. A faulty battery can be another reason, and, in that case, take out the battery, wait for 60 seconds, and reinsert it back inside. Check the LED indicator and monitor the LED behaviors to pinpoint the issue: 

  • No LED light: The battery may not be installed appropriately or inserted.
  • LED flashing blue once: The camera must be resynchronized to the base station. 
  • LED blinking blue quickly: The camera is syncing to the base station.
  • LED blinking orange quickly: The batteries need to be replaced. 
  • LED blinking blue and purple: The camera can’t connect to the Wifi network or the cloud. 

Arlo Baby is not connecting

The Arlo Baby Camera or monitor flashes purple light when disconnected from the internet. The baby camera is connected to the Wifi but still appears offline. 

To troubleshoot the issue, follow these steps:

  • Ensure the battery is  20% charged at least, or the Arlo Baby is plugged in.
  • Check if your Arlo Baby is connected to the Wifi. If not, connect it to the network. 
  • Go to the Arlo app and log out, then login back.
  • If other devices can be connected to the internet, but the Baby camera is offline, try to power-cycle the camera. Unplug the USB cable, slide the battery switch off, wait for 10 seconds, slide the battery switch back on then plug in the USB cable back. 
  • Contact Arlo support and ask for an expert if it’s still offline. 
Arlo base station lights

Arlo base station lights

If you want to determine the status of your Arlo Base Station or SmartHub, you should refer to the LED lights.

For single-LED base stations:

  • Solid blue: Connected to the internet.
  • Slow blinking blue: Ready to connect or sync with a camera.
  • Fast blinking blue: The base station is paired with a camera successfully. 
  • Solid Orange/amber: An error occurred, or something wasn’t right with the connection.
  • Slow blinking orange/amber: The camera is out of signal range or can’t be found.
  • Alternating blue/orange: A firmware update or reset is underway.
  • No light: Base station not connected to power. 

For multi-LED base stations, there are power, internet, and camera buttons:

Power Button:

  • Green: Base station powered on.
  • Blinking green: Firmware update in progress. Don’t power off the cameras or the base station.
  • Orange/amber: Base station booting up.
  • No light: The base station is powered off. 


  • Green: Base station connected to the internet.
  • Blinking green: Base station sending data over the internet.
  • Orange/amber: The base station connects to the router despite having no internet connection.
  • No light: Base station not connected to a router. 


  • Green: Cameras connected to the base station.
  • Blinking green: Base station trying to sync with a camera.
  • Orange/amber: Signal strength is not strong enough, or the camera is too far from the base station.
  • No light: No cameras detected. 

Arlo base station won’t connect 

If the Arlo app can’t locate the base station, follow these steps:

  • First, turn off the base station and unplug both ends of the Ethernet cable that connect the station to the router. 
  • Plug them back in for about a minute and power on. 
  • Start the installation process again. 
  • If the base station still won’t connect, check the LED lights.
  • If the Internet LED doesn’t light after 2 minutes, unplug and reinsert the Ethernet cable.
  • If the Internet LED lights are solid orange, check the router to see whether it’s powered on and connected to the internet.
  • If the Internet LED lights are green, do a factory reset on the base station and start the installation process again.
  • If the Internet LED is blinking orange, then seek professional support. 

Arlo base station offline

Try these steps if you can’t reconnect the base station to the internet: 

  • First, check the LED lights; if it’s solid orange, there’s a connection problem.
  • Check the Ethernet cable connection. 
  • Check the power adapter; if not working, try a different adapter. 
  • Try the base station on and off to rest it.
  • Do a factory reset on the base station or SmartHub.
  • Check the Wifi network and login credentials. 
  • Check your VPN settings. If needed, disable your VPN. 

Arlo camera troubleshooting live feed

To troubleshoot issues with your Arlo camera live feed:

  • First, ensure your phone or computer has good Wifi or LTE signal strength before trying to stream live from your Arlo camera. 
  • If the camera LED is blinking orange rapidly, it means the camera has network coverage but can’t connect to the Arlo cloud. 
  • If the camera LED blinks orange slowly, it’s outside the network coverage. 
  • Ensure your Arlo camera has at least 3 bars of LTE signal strength. 
  • Keep the Arlo camera at least 6.5 feet or 2 meters away from any sources of signal interference. 
  • Make sure the battery of the Arlo camera isn’t low. 
Arlo troubleshooting camera offline notification

Arlo troubleshooting camera offline notification

You won’t get notifications when your Arlo camera goes offline. However, if your camera is online, but you’re still not getting notifications, try enabling push notifications:

  • Open the Arlo app on your phone.
  • Click Mode and select the device you want to edit notification settings.
  • Tap the pencil icon next to the Mode that you need to edit.
  • Tap the pencil icon next to the Rule that you need to edit.
  • Select the check box to Push Notifications. 

Arlo camera keeps going offline

If your Arlo camera keeps going offline, try the following steps:

  • If you switched to a new router or internet network, press and release the sync button on the base station. The Internet LED blinking for 10 seconds will come back online.
  • Remove your camera battery and reinsert it. See if it is correctly installed and operating smoothly.
  • Check the camera connectivity and notice the difference between the camera, base station, and the Wifi router. If the camera is too much farther or something blocks the signal, it may keep connecting and disconnecting. 
  • Check your base station status and make sure your Arlo camera is properly synced to the base station. 

Arlo camera is not connecting to the app

Your Arlo essential camera not connecting to the app usually means a minor bug in the system, which can be easily fixed by taking the following steps:

  • First, restart the phone after uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. 
  • Ensure your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network rather than a cellular one.
  • Go to App Settings, find the Arlo app, click on Storage and tap on the Clear Cache option. Then, relaunch the app to check if the issue is solved.
  • Go to the Arlo app to switch your Arlo camera from a base station to a direct Wifi connection. Next, click Settings>My Devices, select your camera, Remove the Device, Add New Device, and select your camera.  

Arlo base station offline but connected to the internet

This issue could happen if you did a factory reset but didn’t remove the base station from your Arlo account first.

  • To fix this, go to Settings>My Devices, select your base station, and click Remove Device.
  • After removing your device, log back into your Arlo account and click Add Device.
  • Then select the base station and follow the instructions coming on the screen. 
Arlo base station offline, but lights are green

Arlo base station is offline, but the lights are green

To bring your base station online, open the Arlo app.

  • Go to Settings>My Devices>Select Base System.
  • At the bottom, you can see 2 options, Restart and Remove. Choose Restart. 

You may have to resync your cameras if your system comes back online. If this trick doesn’t work, follow the steps from before but choose the Remove Device option this time. If it works, then add your device back in later.

How do I factory reset my Arlo?

The steps to reset Arlo essential camera depend on whether the camera is online or offline. When the camera is online and connected to the cloud, do the following steps to factory reset:

  • Go to the Arlo app or log into your Arlo account at Arlo Web Portal|Smart Home Security. 
  • Click Settings>My Devices, and select the camera you need to reset.
  • Tap Remove Device.
  • Tap Yes to confirm.
  • Return to the Devices page.
  • Click Add New Device.
  • Click cameras.
  • Follow the instructions to reconnect your camera to the base station, SmartHub, or the Wifi network. 

When the camera is offline or lacks battery power, do the following steps to factory reset:

  • First, search for the sync button on the camera. 
  • Next, press and release the sync button on the top of the camera. Wait to hear a click sound.
  • Next, hold the camera 4-8 inches (10-20 cm) in front of the QR code till you hear a chime sound. 
  • Finally, the camera is reset to factory default settings.  

What is the sync button on the Arlo base station?

For most Arlo camera models, the sync button on the Arlo base station is located on top of the base station. The process was successful during syncing if the LED blinked blue rapidly. However, the LED blinking orange means the syncing process wasn’t successful, and you must repeat the syncing steps. 

How do I reboot my Arlo base station

How do I reboot my Arlo base station?

To reboot your Arlo base station: 

  • Take a pen, straightened paperclip, or pin. Use it to press and hold the Reset button on the back of the base station for 10 seconds. 
  • The LED on the station flashing orange means the reset process is complete. After it stops flashing orange, the system will reboot. Rebooting the base station will remove it from your account.
  • Take your phone and open the Arlo app when the LED blinks a solid green light. Log into it and click New System Setup. Using your computer, you can also go to 
    Arlo Web Portal|Smart Home Security.
  • Follow the instructions for a new setup. 

How do you know when Arlo essential camera is fully charged?

The camera LED flashes solid blue when the battery is fully charged. Plug the power adapter into an electrical power source/outlet. When the light’s blue, unplug it. 


Arlo camera troubleshooting will be a breeze if you know what to look for. Whether your Arlo camera is not recording, connecting, syncing, charging, coming offline, or flashing lights, there’s a fix for every little issue. Hopefully, this comprehensive guide has been a great help to you.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Arlo not connecting?

You may be unable to connect your Arlo camera if it is out of network range. Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wifi network as your camera. Verify that the network name and password are spelled correctly. 

How do I sync my Arlo camera to the app?

You need the Arlo app to connect all your Arlo cameras. When setting up multiple cameras in the app, try to sync one camera at a time. 
1. Open the Arlo app to set up and sync the cameras to the app. 
2. Click Add New Device>Cameras>Others. 
3. On the Legacy screen, click Arlo>select Arlo SmartHub or Arlo Base Station. Next, insert batteries into the camera and click Continue. 
4. Press the Sync button on the camera for about 2 seconds and release it. 
5. When the camera LED is blinking blue, click Continue>name your Arlo camera, click Continue>select Finish.

How do you reset Arlo for a new owner?

The easiest way is to remove it from your account. 
1. Click Settings>My Devices and select the Arlo camera you want to reset. 
2. Tap Remove Device, then select Yes to confirm you want to remove this camera from your account. 
Now, your Arlo camera is reset to factory default settings and ready to be used by a new owner.