Smart Plug Blinking Red and Blue: Here Is What To Do

Smart Plug Blinking Red and Blue

Technology advancements continue to yield solutions to common problems most people face daily. The smart plug is undoubtedly one of the most innovative devices available in this era. This gadget’s ability to integrate into your smart home systems by operating an app installed in your smartphone is mind-blowing.

Thanks to this tiny device, you can operate numerous voice commands with the help of a virtual assistant system onsite or remotely. But what happens when your smart plug has a problem? Have you noticed your smart plug blinking red (Read also: Atomi Smart Plug Won’t Connect to WiFi? Find Solutions Here) and blue? Here’s what it means and what to do to fix the issue.

Why Is the Smart Plug Blinking Red and Blue?

Your smart plug has an inbuilt LED indicator that blinks to send specific signals. Therefore, you may see red blinks or blue blinks from your smart plug. Here’s what these blinks mean.

Smart Plug Blinking Red and Blue: Here Is What To Do

A Connected Electric Device Is Drawing Too Much Current

If the red blink from your smart plug is fast, it indicates that the smart plug is drawing too much current, resulting in an electric short from an overcharge. In this case, turn off and disconnect the smart plug right away.

It Might Be Out of the Range of Connection

If your smart plug blinks red, it’s out of range. It could be some obstacles are keeping the internet signal from reaching the smart plug, or it’s too far from the Wi-Fi router, smart home’s hub, or other connected devices.

The smart plug should be no more than six feet away from the internet router and 30 feet from the smart home hub or other compatible connected devices.

It Might Be Undiscoverable by Alexa

If you’ve confirmed that the smart plug is on yet doesn’t respond to Alexa commands or work as desired, you may be dealing with a faulty outlet or a miswiring issue.

To solve the issue, consider using a different power outlet. Also, check to see if your smart home hub device or smartphone software is up to date. Communication errors may occur if the software applications are outdated.

How To Repair the Smart Plug Blinking Red and Blue?

A red glare from your smart plug means that there are connection problems (Read also: Amazon Fire TV Wired Connection Problems: Solve Your Connection Problem Here). Below are a few troubleshooting responses you could make to help you regain normal function.

Restart the Smart Plug

Electronic devices often accumulate residual energy and information that may tamper with their responsiveness. Thus, restarting the smart plug will instantly solve the issue.

To restart your smart plug, unplug it from the power source, and allow it to rest for about 15 to 30 seconds before plugging it back into the power outlet.

Disconnect the Device

An overcharge is the number one culprit behind most electronic device malfunctions. The device may take up too much current if there’s a rapid red blink from your smart plug. In this case, immediately disconnect the smart plug from the power source to avoid damage.

Check the Wi-Fi Network

If the internet router is too far from the smart plug, it will blink red, and you’ll encounter issues getting Alexa or another smart hub system to complete different commands. Follow the steps below to try and resolve the issue:

  1. Move to a Closer Power Source: Find a socket or power source closer to the internet router. Doing this should ensure the smart plug works, typically, without disconnecting.
  2. Check the Bandwidth: Consider switching to a higher bandwidth if the bandwidth on your Wi-Fi is less than 2.4 GHz. Any lower and the internet connectivity of most compatible devices will be compromised. Many smart plug brands can operate at low bandwidth of at least 2.4 GHz.
  3. Overloaded Router: Most routers have a maximum number of devices they can supply with the internet at a go. If too many devices are connected to the same router, your smart plug and a few other devices will suffer downtime.

Reduce the number of connected devices at a time or clear the cache to regain viable internet connectivity. Your router works round the clock for months—if it fails to connect to some devices, it could be asking for a breather. Usually, plugging off the overloaded router before plugging it back on solves the problem.

If you’re unsure how to perform the abovementioned tasks, consult a professional maintenance expert or contact support to help you fix the problem.

Smart Plug Blinking Red and Blue: Here Is What To Do

Check Wi-Fi Updated Details

If you recently changed your Wi-Fi name and password or router, and your smart plug is not connecting, confirm if the new Wi-Fi details have been updated successfully and that all the devices capture the exact details.

Sometimes, you may have to use the previous password to reconnect to all the devices. Thus, update the settings on your router and connect your phone to the new network/router. Usually, all other compatible devices will reconnect automatically.

Check the Location of Your Smart Plug

Have you ever noticed that some areas in your home have better internet coverage than others? You may encounter internet connectivity issues if your smart plug (Read also: Atomi Smart Plug Won’t Connect to WiFi? Find Solutions Here) is in an area with poor range, which explains the red blink.

Therefore, installing internet boosters or extenders can help improve internet coverage in all corners of your home. Also, moving the smart plug to a different power source closer to the router is a more straightforward way to get the device working desirably. Note the smart plug must be no more than 10 meters from the internet router.

Check for Hardware and Software Updates

Outdated applications and hardware can compromise the functionality of your smart plug. If the application on your smartphone and the one on your smart plug isn’t the same, You’ll encounter difficulty getting other connected smart devices in your home to work correctly.

Usually, your smart plug will blink red, indicating that it’s not paired with the internet and other devices. Ensure you’ve updated the applications on all devices to the latest versions. Make sure the devices are updated regularly to avoid future challenges with your smart plug. The smart plug will blink blue when the device pairs successfully.

Reset Your Smart Plug

If none of the solutions suggested above seems to help you recover your smart plug’s normal function, resetting your smart plug is your last resort. To reset your smart plug, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that you’ve plugged the smart plug into a viable power outlet.
  • Hold down the button on the smart plug continuously for about 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Do not release the button until the device’s LED light starts blinking red.
  • When the LED light turns blue, the smart plug is successfully reset, and you can set up your smart plug.
  • After successfully resetting your smart plug, you may need to set up other connected apps like Alexa afresh to get it working as expected.

Resetting smart electronic devices is a clever way of fixing bugs that tamper with their regular operation. Thus, when your smart plug is blinking red, resetting it will fix the underlying issues.

Smart Plug Blinking Red and Blue: Here Is What To Do
Smart Plug Blinking Red and Blue: Here Is What To Do


When your smart plug has a red light, it shouldn’t spell doom for the device, but it is a cause for concern. Follow the different troubleshooting techniques highlighted above to fix issues with your smart plug should they crop up along the way.

If none of the solutions works to fix your smart plug blinking red and blue, it could indicate that the device is damaged. Consider reaching out to the device manufacturer to find out their return policy and your options for purchasing a new smart plug.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions regarding smart plugs blinking red and blue, here is what to do.

How do I factory reset my smart plug?

If your smart plug is blinking red, Alexa and other smart hub devices can’t discover it, or it stopped working, try factory resetting it to regain normal function and fix the underlying issue. To reset your device, you can do the following.

– Ensure that you plug the smart plug into a viable power outlet
– Hold down the button on the smart plug continuously for about 10 to 15 seconds
– Do not release the button until the device’s LED light starts blinking red
– When the LED light turns blue, the smart plug is successfully reset

After factory resetting your device, register your Amazon smart plug to connected apps like Alexa.

How do I fix an unresponsive smart plug on Amazon?

An Amazon smart plug can become irresponsive because of a connectivity malfunction. When this occurs, it could indicate that your plug can’t connect to your internet network because of distance, incorrect settings, or outdated software. 

In order to set up your Amazon smart plug again, you can try removing obstructions and moving the smart plug closer to your router, resetting the plug, or updating it.

How do I reconnect my smart plug?

Usually, red blinks on your smart plug mean that the device is offline. To reconnect the smart plug to your internet, restart it.

– Press and hold the smart plug button for 10 seconds and release it when the red blink flashes faster
– Restart the discovery app on your smartphone and confirm if the smart plug is online
– If the smart plug blinks blue, it indicates that you have fixed the issue.

Whether you’re using Amazon or Alexa’s smart home system or a phone app, the simple steps highlighted above should fix the connectivity problem. If you have a new router or recently changed your Wi-Fi password, you may want to re-add it to the app connected to the device.

Note that different smart plugs from other companies may have varying vendor instructions. To reconnect your smart plug successfully, consider checking the vendor instructions to ensure you’re doing the right thing.

How do I reconnect my smart plug to Alexa?

Some smart plug troubleshooting processes may erase the memory from your device. Other factors like using a new router or internet service may require you to reconnect your smart plug to Alexa. 

Why did my Amazon plug stop working?

A short list of problems could trigger your Amazon Smart Plug to stop working. To fix the problem, here are several pit stops you should go over to get your smart plug functioning normally again.

– Reset your router
– Ensure you plug the device into a reliable power source
– Ensure you update the device with the latest software
– Factory reset your Amazon smart plug

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