Why Won’t My Beats Pill Charge: The Answer Here and Some Tips

Why Won't My Beats Pill Charge: The Answer Here and Some Tips

The Beats brand is one of the best and most common headphones globally. It’s popular in the market for its sound quality and service. But what happens if your Beats Pill doesn’t charge? 

Here are some tips to help you solve your “why won’t my Beats Pill charge” dilemma.

Why Won’t My Beats Pill Charge: Problems and Solutions

If you charge your device for at least 30 to 60 minutes without any response or change, your charging problem could be a problem. The USB port should be red while charging and turn green when fully charged. 

There are several reasons why your device won’t charge. It could be a problem with the charging socket, charging pins and ports, or charging lights. For proper resolutions, you must identify the problem correctly. Get to know the function and importance of each part for an appropriate solution.

Why Won't My Beats Pill Charge: The Answer Here and Some Tips
Why Won’t My Beats Pill Charge: The Answer Here and Some Tips

An inspection of the power source of your device could highlight the problem. Try out different tests to know the exact cause. Look at how the cables connect to the power source and your device. Improper or damaged parts and connections won’t allow your device to charge. Every connection has to be seamless. 

An infiltrated charging port could also affect how your charging pin fits into the device. Again, taking a keen interest in how your device works and its status helps you identify these issues. 

Software problems could also cause your Beats Pill not to charge. For example, it could be a delayed update causing your Beats Pill not to charge. Alternatively, the device could have a bug that’s affecting its operations. Simple fixes such as restarts can erase such errors and issues. Check out these answers to the “why won’t my Beats Pill charge” question.

Restart Your Beats

Restarting your device eliminates any bugs or enforced errors in the device. Just press the power button and hold for a few seconds to turn the device off. Then, wait a few seconds before powering it on from the power button. It could reset your charging issues. However, if the battery is completely dead, it could be challenging for you to restart the device. 

Full Force Restart Your Beats

If a restart doesn’t work, consider doing a full-force restart to eliminate your charging issues. To do a full-force restart, connect your device to a power source. Then, press and hold the volume down and power button simultaneously until the lights start flashing. This process should resolve your charging problems, and the device should start charging. 

However, this process varies in every Beats unit. So, check your manual for specific instructions before force restarting your device. 

Check Your Power Source

A faulty power source causes problems when charging your Beats device. Swap out your power supply with another and check its functionality. If the new power source charges your device, the problem could be your socket or power supply. 

It could be a low voltage problem or a damaged part within the electrical system. Call an electrician to check the problem with your power supply. If switching the power supply doesn’t work, try switching your power adapter. If the device charges when using another adapter, then replace your adapter. 

Clean the Charging Case

Your charging case protects the device from any dirt or dust from getting to the motherboard. Inspect your casing to identify points stuck with dirt. Your charging pin or port could have built-up dirt that limits its connection with the charging cable. You end up having a loose connection that can’t charge the device. 


Cleaning the pins and ports is the best solution to clear the dirt or grime. But you should be careful to avoid damaging other parts like the motherboard or other electrical arts that can cause short-circuiting and failure of the device. 

Experts recommend using Q-tips and alcohol. Dip the tips into the alcohol and scrub the dirty areas. Adjust or modify your q-tips to access hard-to-reach areas, or you can DIY a solution from cotton wool and a thin stick. 

Why Won't My Beats Pill Charge: The Answer Here and Some Tips
Why Won’t My Beats Pill Charge

Check the Temperature of the Room

It may seem bizarre to have the room temperature affect your Beats’ charging. However, when the room temperature is too high or too low, as per the device’s settings, your Beats Pill won’t charge.

Check the room temperature. Exposure to hot environments like the sun or a hot room could stop its charging. Let it cool first before trying to charge it again. Be patient and let your device cool down or heat up to attain the right charging conditions. 

Check the Charging Lights

The lights in your Beats Pill indicate the device’s status. For example, a blinking red light shows that your battery level is nearly empty. A solid red light shows your battery is low, while a green light shows the battery is fully charged. 

The battery is empty if your device shows no light at the USB port. If you’ve plugged it into the power supply but have no charging light, the device isn’t charging. Keep your charging lights working to help you troubleshoot and always understand the device’s status. 

Charge for at Least an Hour

Sometimes charging your Beats Pill for a short period won’t boost your power level. Charge your device for at least an hour before concluding that your device won’t charge. A completely drained battery could take a while to power up, delaying any indications or signals that your device is charging. 

A full charge takes approximately 3.5hrs. Thus, plugging your device for at least one hour without any powering signs should raise a concern. Look into other hardware or software issues to resolve the issue. 

Switch From USB to a Power Outlet

If you’re charging your Beats Pill using a USB source, the power mightn’t be sufficient to charge the batteries. Instead, try switching the USB source to a direct power outlet. The voltage difference could be enough to kick-start your battery charging. 

Using a power outlet can be a temporary fix before getting the exact problem. Monitor its response when plugged into different power sources to identify the charging issue. 

Why Won't My Beats Pill Charge: The Answer Here and Some Tips

Faulty Battery

Have you had your Beats Pill for quite a while? Unfortunately, the Li-ion batteries in these devices deteriorate with each charge and usage.

Though they hold sufficient battery power, you can’t use them forever. If you can’t charge your device, but it can work with a direct connection to the power source, your battery is faulty. 


The only solution for a faulty battery is replacing it. Follow these steps:

  1. Remove the casing using the case screw and a screwdriver. Separate the two speakers and lift the rubber stand with the ‘b’ logo. Remove the clip rings underneath the logo by unscrewing two screws and separating the adhesive. 
  2. Carefully open the device apart using a spudger to separate the two parts. 
  3. Disconnect the NFC and sensor wiring from the motherboard to expose the battery bands by removing the cables.
  4. Unscrew the screws holding the battery bands to release the batteries. 
  5. Remove the motherboard screws, and the motherboard 
  6. Remove the power button
  7. Cut the battery connections and reconnect with your new batteries using a soldering gun.

Replace Charging Cable

If you’ve replaced the battery, but there’s no response, the charging cable could be faulty. Try using another charging cable with the device to test its functionality. If the new cable works perfectly, consider replacing your charging cable. Use quality charging cables to avoid these charging problems. 

Reset Beats Pill Won’t Charge

If your Beats Pill keeps turning off or won’t turn on when charging, your charging system could have a problem. Resetting beats Pill should restore your charging functionality. Look at these steps to help you reset your Beats Bill. 

Leave the Charging Case Open

First, open and leave the charging case. It allows you to access the LED indicators to monitor changes when resetting. 

Press and Hold the System Button

Press and hold the ‘b’ button for around 8 seconds until the light indicators are on. 

LED Indicator Light Flashes

The LED indicators should blink in color red and green three times. This flashing shows that the reset is a success. 

Release the System Button

Once you notice the indicators, release the system button. The device has been reset, and your charging system has been restored. 

The LED Indicator Continue To Flash White

Look into your connection or firmware if your device flashes white lights after a hard reset. Though there is no set solution for this situation, users employ different solutions to sort the blinking white light. 


Some users attribute the problem to loose connections (Read also: Amazon Fire TV Wired Connection Problems: Solve Your Connection Problem Here ), so they tighten the charging cables or pins to solve the problem. Hard resetting the device could also help erase the error and restore the system. Other users use different devices connected to the Beats Pill to repair the firmware problem. 

Why Won’t My Beats Pill 1.0 Charge: How To Fix It

If your Beats Pill 1.0 won’t charge when plugged in, you could have a faulty battery, a loose connection, or a system error. The good news is that you can quickly fix these problems. Check out these lasting solutions. 


Consider resetting or force restarting your device. This simple fix usually solves many minor electronic issues. If it doesn’t work, inspect your cabling and charging case for any dirt or damage. Replace and clean the affected areas, and try plugging your device again. 

Why Won't My Beats Pill Charge: The Answer Here and Some Tips

Why Won’t My Beats Pill 2.0 Charge: How To Fix It

Your Beats Pill 2.0 won’t charge because of a loose connection, firmware, or battery issues. If the battery can’t hold the charge for long or if it has attained its 6-month lifespan, it may be worn out.


Look at these possible solutions if your Beats Pill won’t charge:

  • Reset your device by turning on your Beats Pill 2.0. Then, hold the system button for 10 seconds until the LED indicators flash red and green three times
  • Inspect your chagrin pin and cable for any loose or incomplete connection
  • Check and change your power supply to affirm the connection
  • Replace your battery


It can be frustrating if your Beats Pill won’t charge since it spoils your plan. However, with this simple guide and instructions on handling your device when it doesn’t charge, you have a fighting chance of reviving your plans and getting back on track. 

Please contact us if you have further questions related to this device or any other, our team will be glad to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beat users also ask the following questions.

What do I do if my Beats won’t charge?

Check your charging cable, pins, power supply, and battery status to identify the problem.

Why is my Beats Solo 3 not charging?

The problem could be on your cable connection, power supply, or firmware, or your battery could be dead.

How do I get my Beats to charge?

If you plug in your device for charging and it doesn’t charge, consider resetting or force restarting your Beats. If it doesn’t work, update your firmware, check your cable connection, and change your battery.

How long do Beats last?

Your Beats Pill could last longer, but the battery’s average lifespan is six months.

How do I know if my Beat solo 3 is charging?

Look at the LED indicators. A fully charged battery has green lights.

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