Beats Studio Wireless Charging Problems and Solutions

Beats Studio Wireless Charging Problems and Solutions

Unfortunately, modern technology comes with its share of issues, but the good news is there are ways to diagnose and solve the problems. Many people have trouble where their Beats Studio 3 won’t turn on or charge, but rest assured, there are troubleshooting tips you can follow. 

When your Beats Solo wireless is not working, try the steps below before you do anything else. 

Beats Studio Wireless Charging Troubleshooting

To start, you can try some simple troubleshooting tricks to fix the Beats. But if this doesn’t work, there are more solutions you can try in the subsequent sections.

Press and Hold the Power Button 

To begin troubleshooting, press and hold the power button. The power button is on the side of one of the headphones below the Beats logo near the fuel gauge lights. It’s a small button you need to hold down for at least ten seconds.

Beats Studio Wireless Charging Problems and Solutions
Beats Studio Wireless Charging Problems and Solutions

Unfortunately, if your Beats Solo 3 power button is not working, this reset will not work. A malfunctioning power button is typically an internal hardware issue, meaning you would need to replace the headphones or have them repaired by a specialist.

Release the Power Button

When you release the power button during this troubleshooting process is crucial. Hold the button for ten seconds; ensure it’s ten slow seconds, and you count out loud so you don’t release the power button too soon.

When you do this, the headphones should restart and begin charging. But the ideal scenario is for the fuel gauge LED lights to start blinking before the ten seconds are over. If the lights start blinking, you can let go of the button.

Fuel Gauge LEDs Blink White and Red

So what does it mean when these lights start blinking? If the reset and troubleshooting work, you will see the fuel gauge LED lights blink white, and then one light will flash red. This sequence should cycle three times to indicate successful troubleshooting. If the lights turn off after three sequences, the headphones reset, and you should try charging them again.

Beats Studio Stop Flashing Light

As mentioned, the three sequences followed by nothing means the reset worked. Typically after this reset, the headphones will automatically power on. However, since you are performing a reset due to charging issues, the wireless headphones may not have enough power left over to remain on.

Plug them into the charger for at least five minutes before turning them on again. If they still don’t charge or turn on, you should move on to other troubleshooting tips below.

Beats Studio Wireless Charging Problems

This section is helpful for people with the Beats Studio Solo Pro (Read also: Beats Studio Buds Not Connecting – What To Do) wireless headphones. While the reset and troubleshooting processes for different Beats headphones models are similar, various models feature different buttons.

Some headphones have more buttons, while others use the power button. Try the easy reset method below if your Beats Solo 3 is not charging lights or batteries.

Hold Down the Mode Button

To reset the Solo Pro headphones, simultaneously hold down the mode and volume buttons. The mode button has vertical lines that look like sound waves; you can find it toward the front of one side of the headphones on the bottom of the ear.

The volume button will be on the opposite side of the headphones, so you need both hands to perform this reset. The volume button will be directly beneath the Beats logo and has a speaker icon.

Firmly, but not forcefully, press both buttons simultaneously. Hold both buttons down for ten to fifteen seconds to perform the reset. Remember to be gentle with your headphones, as you could damage the buttons, resulting in more problems.

Beats Studio Wireless Charging Problems and Solutions

Fuel Gauge Flashes, Release the Buttons

Like the Studio headphones, the Solo headphones should begin to flash to indicate the reset works. The fuel gauge LED lights will blink all white, lighting up all along the bottom of the headphones. Then, one red light will turn on for a second.

Again, this sequence will repeat three times to show the successful reset. If the lights continue blinking, the reset may not be working. The reset was not complete if the sequence only occurs once or twice.

When the sequence happens one or two times, you should try performing the reset again, as it almost worked! If you see the three successful light sequences, release both the mode and volume buttons simultaneously; this should finish the reset. Plug your headphones into your charger to see if the reset fixed the problem.

How To Repair Beats Studio Wireless Charging

Below is a comprehensive list of solutions to help you with your Beats Studio (Read also: Beats Studio Buds Won’t Stay in the Ear? Find Solutions Here) wireless charging problems. The tips below will likely save the day when your Beats Studio 3 wireless is not charging, or your Beats headphones won’t turn on.

Whether your Beats Solo 3 are not working on one side or the Beats Solo 3 is not charging lights, try one of the tips below. Luckily, these solutions work on almost all wireless Beats headphones, so it shouldn’t matter what version of headphones you own.

Restart Your Beats

The best thing to do when your Beats are not charging is to restart them. The above sections detail how to perform a traditional reset, but before you take the time and effort to do that, you can simply turn off the beats, wait a few seconds or a minute, and turn them back on. If it was just a small glitch in the internal communication, a quick restart could solve it.

Full Force Restart Your Beats

A step up from a standard restart is a full-force restart. Refer to the detailed sections above for performing standard resets on wireless Beats headphones. For most people, a simple restart or reset can fix the problem and allow your headphones to charge.

However, it doesn’t always do the trick, so a full-force restart can be more effective. Sometimes the problem is even simpler! Refer to the tips below if the restarts and resets don’t seem to work.

Check Your Power Source

It may seem obvious, but check your power source for your charger! Whatever outlet your charger or charging case is plugged into, use another appliance or device with it to ensure the power source is stable and functioning.

If you have a nearby lamp or a phone charger you can use to test the outlet, that is ideal. If you use a less stable power source, such as an extension cord, power strip, or car outlet, try moving to a wall outlet for more reliability.

Update Your Firmware

A common issue Beats headphone owners run into is outdated firmware. If you neglect to keep your firmware up-to-date, it can cause charging and power problems with your wireless headphones. But updating your firmware is easy! Follow the steps below to update your firmware.

  1. On your computer, download the Beats updater. You can find this software on the Beats website or in an App store. The Beats updater is compatible with Mac and Windows, but you need updated software to download it.
  2. In the Beats updater, locate your headphones. They should appear under your list of devices. Click on the headphones you want to update.
  3. You’ll be redirected to an updater website, where you can click Update. The newest version of firmware will install on your headphones. This installation can take up to twenty minutes, but the website will provide you with a countdown.

Once you download the newest firmware, try charging your headphones again. In many cases, this solves the issue, and the headphones will begin charging, Remember to check for new firmware every few months so you can avoid this inconvenience!

Check the Charging Cable

Examine your charging cable, looking for frayed wires, loose ends, or tears in the cable cover. Charging cables can be fragile and easily damaged, so if you tend to be rough with your charging materials, you could have a malfunctioning cable. If you find damage, you can easily buy a replacement USB cable, but try to find a durable, high-quality product.

Beats Studio Wireless Charging Problems and Solutions
Beats Studio Wireless Charging Problems and Solutions

Clean the Charging Case

A dirty charging case or dirty ports can block the charging signal. Even if you treat your Beats and charging case like delicate crystals, they can still collect dirt, debris, and dust. Use soft materials to remove grime and dirt from the case and any ports. Cotton swabs and microfiber cloths are ideal, as they are gentle but effective.

Check the Temperature of the Room

This one may sound weird, but Beats chargers will automatically stop charging if the environment reaches extreme temperatures. If the room is above 104ºF or below 41ºF, a security system within the headphones will disable charging functions.

It’s unclear why this feature exists, but it does! If you think this is your problem, adjust the room temperature or charge your Beats elsewhere.

Check the Charging Lights

The charging lights are an excellent way to monitor the condition of your headphones. Here is a quick cheat sheet of what light sequences mean:

  • Solid red: low battery
  • Solid white: actively charging
  • Flashing red: super low battery
  • Flashing white: reset needed
  • All off: off and not charging

Knowing what the lights mean can help you choose the best solution for the problem.


If you perform all these troubleshooting tips and the Beats still will not charge, you may need to take them to a professional or contact Beats customer service for help. A simple reset or restart usually does the trick. If nothing works, you may need to replace the headphones.


Below are commonly asked questions related to this topic.

Why are my Beats Studio Wireless not charging?

Your Beats are likely not charging because of an internal communication issue or malfunction. It could be due to a dirty case, a damaged cable, outdated firmware, or a button malfunction.

How do I fix my Beats Studio wireless charging port?

If you think the port is the issue, you should use gentle materials and no moisture to clean out the port. A broken port means you need new headphones.

How do you fix Beats that won’t charge?

The best thing to do is perform a full-force restart, check your power source and cables, and gently clean the charging case.

How do I reset my Beats charger?

It varies slightly between models, but generally, you hold down the power button(s) for ten to fifteen seconds.

How do I know if my Beats Studio Wireless is charging?

Solid white lights that turn on one at a time indicate your headphones are charging.

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