Why Can’t I Leave a Conversation on iMessage?

why cant i leave a conversation on imessage

“Why won’t my iPhone let me leave a conversation?” This is a common question among iPhone users—and we are here to fix it!

The iMessage conversation thread is a feature that allows you to converse with a group of people, such as family, friends, and team members of a company. It’s like text messaging, but better. However, the drawback of iMessage conversations is you may not be able to leave the thread because the ‘Leave this Conversation’ option is missing or grayed out.

Don’t worry—we got you! If you’re wondering, “why can’t I leave a conversation on iMessage?” read on and discover alternative options you can use and how you can try to fix the ‘Leave this Conversation’ button in other ways. 

Why Hasn’t There Been a ‘Leave This Converstion’ Button Before?

To answer this tricky question, we must discuss and differentiate the two types of group conversation in Apple messages. The iMessage group and the SMS/MMS group are two types of group conversation.

iMessage is a messaging app that lets you send messages to other iMessage users. It’s designed for Apple devices, like the iPhone and Mac computers. 

You can use iMessage to send and receive text, photo, video, and audio messages. iMessage uses blue speech bubbles in conversation and allows only all Apple user members.

SMS/MMS Group on the Apple message app lets you send messages to a combined conversation between Apple and non-Apple users. If you see green speech bubbles instead of blue ones in the text box where your message is sent, this is an SMS/MMS Group.

If you’re wondering how to block a group text on your iPhone, but it won’t let you, there’s a good chance that the conversation is an SMS/MMS group. If you are part of a group chat with one or more non-Apple users, there will be no ‘Leave This Conversation’ button in your Messages app.

iPhone Leave This Conversation Is Missing The Fix!

iPhone: Leave This Conversation Is Missing? The Fix!

Is ‘Leave This Conversation’ missing? If it’s nonexistent upon checking your group conversation, there’s a probability that you are part of the SMS/MMS group. 

But if everyone in the group chat uses an Apple device and there are at least 4 other participants, then the ‘Leave this Conversation’ option is available, and you have the freedom to leave the group conversation.

How to remove yourself from a group text on iPhone is simple; just do the following:

  • First, go to the messaging app and open the group you want to leave.
  • Next, tap the group conversation icon or group name located at the top of the screen.
  • Look for the ‘Leave this Conversation’ button at the bottom of the thread and confirm your intention to leave by tapping it.

If Leave This Conversation Is Grayed Out

Is ‘Leave This Conversation’ grayed out? That means the iMessage conversation only has 3 people, and you cannot change an iMessage group conversation from 3 members to 2 because Apple won’t allow you to do it.

Even if you decide to remove the entire chat from your iPhone, you will be added back to the group the next time someone sends a message. 

If you want to know how to leave an iMessage group with 3 members, there is only one way: adding another member so the group will become a 4-person conversation. It is in this way that you can leave the group.

If Leave This Conversation Is Grayed Out

How To Tell if You’re in a Group Text Message or iMessage Conversation?

If you want to know if you are a part of a group text message or iMessage chat, there are 3 signs to look for.

First, look for the color of the bubble chats. As mentioned earlier, iMessage group conversation uses blue bubbles while group text messages of SMS/MMS group conversation use green bubbles. This is the most straightforward indicator of knowing what group conversation you are included in.

Second, the group label underneath the clock when you open the group message can also identify the group conversation you belong to. You are included in an iMessage group conversation if you see the “Group” label. If you see “Group MMS,” you are in the SMS/MMS group text message.

Third, the availability of the ‘Leave this Converstion’ button will also tell you what group conversation you are included in. If the ‘Leave this Converstion’ button is visible and sometimes only grayed out, it means you are in an iMessage group conversation. But if it is missing, you are included in an SMS/MMS group text message.

We’ll cover how to leave a group text in the following sections. 

When Can I Leave This Conversation?

You can leave the group chat if there are at least 4 other participants and everyone included uses an Apple device, in which case the ‘Leave this Converstion’ option will be available. 

Remember, the ‘Leave this Conversation’ option is available in a 3-person iMessage conversation, but it always grayed out.

Why Can't I Leave A Three-Person iMessage Conversation

Why Can’t I Leave a 3-Person iMessage Conversation?

If you’re wondering, “why can’t I leave a 3-person group chat?” the only way is by adding another person as the fourth member of the group conversation, and then you can leave. 

You can’t leave a 3-person iMessage conversation because if you were to exit the chat, there would only be the 2 of you left, and it wouldn’t be an iMessage conversation anymore. It will only become a regular 2-person iMessage conversation.

How To Mute a Group Text Message?

If you are in an SMS/MMS group conversation that keeps bothering you and you are wondering how to leave a group chat on iPhone with android users, there are still a couple of things you can do. 

Although you can’t leave the conversation entirely, you can mute the thread to eliminate the annoying alerts or notifications that are bothering you.

To mute a group conversation, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the messages app and open the group chat.
  • Tap the group icon or the group name at the top of the thread. Navigate at the top of the thread and look for the conversation’s group name or group icon, then tap it.
  • Upon opening the group setting, scroll down, look for the ‘Hide Alerts’ option, then toggle the switch to hide alerts.
  • Alternatively, you can swipe left over the thread of group messages and click the Alerts button, which is the purple bell icon. Upon doing this, a crescent moon icon indicating that the group chat is muted will show next to it. And when you change your mind and want to unmute the group conversation, you can swipe left and press the ‘Alerts’ button once more.
  • For iPhone or Ipad users, you can locate the mute option in your list of text conversations. Hold your finger on the button, then select the ‘Hide Alerts’ option to mute the conversation.


Even with the benefits of iMessage, these group conversations may bother you and leave you asking, “why can’t I leave a conversation on iMessage?” That’s why knowing how to leave a group chat on iMessage is a real lifesaver!

Be aware that there are instances where the ‘Leave this Converstion’ option is missing or grayed out in group conversations. If you encounter these instances and wonder, “how do I remove myself from a group text?” you can choose alternative options, like adding a fourth member to the conversation or muting the group conversation. 

With these tips on how to leave a group chat on iPhone 11, you’ll return to uninterrupted focus in no time! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my iMessage let me leave a conversation?

iMessage won’t let you leave a conversation because there is a possibility you are included in a 3-person iMessage conversation wherein the ‘Leave this Converstion’ button is grayed out. 

If you’re wondering, “how can I remove myself from a group text?” The only way to leave the conversation is by adding a fourth member, and then you can leave. But if you can’t add another member, you have the option to mute the group conversation.

How do you leave a group chat on iPhone 2022?

To leave a group chat in iPhone 2022, you should do the following:

1. Launch the messaging app.
2. Tap the conversation you want to leave.
3. Tap the conversation’s top header to locate the messages profiles
4. Select the ‘Leave this Converstion’ option.
5. Tap ‘Leave this Converstion’ once again to confirm.

Lastly, select the “Done” button.

Some people wonder, “If you leave a conversation on your iPhone, will they know?” Yes. Members of the group text can see that you’ve left the conversation by checking the group information.

How do I delete a group message on my iPhone?

To delete a group message, tap “Delete” after swiping the group message to the left. Just a reminder that the group message will reappear if one or more non-Apple users are members of the group conversation.

How do I end a group text I created?

You can use the button in the upper-right corner of your message conversation to navigate. It will bring up a drop-down menu. On the menu, select Delete. This option will remove the selected group conversation from your Messages app and delete it.